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Best Boot Knife | Top Survival Kit of the Year 2019 for Everyone!

Are you a travel enthusiast? If so, you already know the need for being well equipped in the wilderness.  One of these safety measures, including owning the best small boot knife!

What is a Boot Knife?

The name boot knife is pretty self-explanatory – it’s a small sized dagger that conveniently conceals itself inside your boot. Those who seek out for boundless adventures, consider boot knives as an essential part of their survival kit.

No wonder they don’t fear the unknown!

The idealistic feature of a boot knife is its versatility. Whether to defend you against the demon in the dark, to catch your prey or to cut items for your lunch, this knife will be the ultimate survival partner in your heroic journeys.


How Much We Know About A Boot Knife?

Usually, this is a small sharp tool and it comes with a fixed blade. The most important benefit of using this cutting instrument is that you can conceal it in any parts of your body, particularly in your boots, palms, belts, or even in sleeves.

Moreover, there are different sizes and shapes are available but the blade range does not exceed over 5 inches in all the cases. This is the common feature for all of such daggers.

To make it more concise, a boot knife is a small knife that is intended to carry with your boots. But its use is diversified. You may need it to cut a piece of rope, insert a hole in your belt, or cut a piece of fruit, vegetables in your kitchen or even for your self-defense. A wide variety of use indeed! So, the importance of such sharp gadgets is undeniable.

But the tactical boot knives are mostly manufactured for men. As they are out of the home and may face the diversified situation, this is a handy tool for them. Most of the outdoor activities largely rely on such tools.

A good number of manufacturers are available who deal with such sharp devices. They manufacture the stuff considering different issues. So, you can use a single of them for a different purpose. In that case, you have to buy them based on your necessities.


What Should You Consider Before Buying One?

Get Some Ideas In Prior

Often, people are in a puzzle about how to get the piece for them. The similar thing happened to me. When my little boy asked me to get the best tactical boot knife for him, I was in trouble. I had no idea how to get that. Even I did not have the complete idea of what such knives are. Later, I discovered the ways to get the best one for my boy.

And right then, I understood why people are perplexed because there are a good number of varieties are available in the market.

In line with their presence, the manufacturers invest a lot to market their products through various media outlets. So, this becomes hard for the end-level users to get the best tactical boot knife for them.

Thereby, I have added some important aspects to consider before getting the best small boot knife for your use.

In fact, this concise buying guide will help you to get the right thing for your every day or occasional use. And you will get some important information about the knife you are willing to get.

So, I hope, the discussion below would be helpful for your next purchase.


People mostly use boot knife for their small size. Carrying a large knife is always not possible and also looks indecent. You might be disallowed to enter at any function with a large piece of a knife. And most importantly, law enforcers will be after you as they will not take the matter of carrying a knife easily.

So, when you are to get one of this edged tools, make sure the size of the boot knife is smaller. The key purpose of having the best small boot knife is to protect you or to use in daily needs. You do not need to carry a big knife that will mark you in some other terms. And smaller sizes are easy to carry.

  • The size should not cross over 5 inches
  • The perfect size is 3-4 inches
  • Six inches preferable in some special cases


The blade is the other important issue to consider before buying a boot knife. A good number of blade varieties are available and you can pick one from them. But the double-edged boot knife blades are the most effective one. And ensure the double edge blade has a spear point.

Those knives are great to use and easy to preserve in your boots. Moreover, there are some other blade varieties like single edge and their use is different. If you get the double edge, you would be able to use it in different ways but the single edge blade will allow you to do some specific tasks. Thereby, it would be wise to get the double edge blade.

  • Double edge preferable
  • Diversified use
  • Optimized point

Easy to Hide

According to some best boot knife review, the key purpose of a boot knife is to keep it hidden so that none can trace the existence. Hence, this boot knife needs to be small enough to be kept hidden in you.

But at the same time, the blade should be sharp. It should also be strong enough to meet your purpose. And as a user, you need to have some research on how to conceal the knife blade. You will learn how to hide it in the body.

If the piece is not concealable, try a different one.

But if the knife is easy to hide in your boots or in any other parts of the body without causing you discomfort, you can have that one.

  • Fits with boots
  • Concealable with body
  • Fits your palm

Easy to Handle

Naturally, boot knives are made for harder use. The boot knife should be made with durable steel and the handling system should be comfortable. When you get a boot knife that looks wonderful but difficult to handle, you may change the plan to get that one. Better focus on comfort while using the knife.

If you are uncomfortable with the knife, you would not be able to use that at the right moment. Thereby, it is important to focus on the matter of your comfort. Check if it fits with your grip or you need to adjust. If you are to adjust with the handle, this might be not for you.

–    Fits in grip

–    Ergonomic design

–    Easy to use in need

Top Quality Material

Before purchasing the best tactical boot knife, you need to pay attention to the materials used for manufacturing the knife. In fact, a wide number of boot knives are available but all those are not durable and may easily collapse. So, this is a topmost important task to check the material.

Please, make sure you get the blade made of durable steel; the knife handle is strong and will go for a long day. You also will need to check the strength of the body before deciding to get it.

It would be wise before getting it if you check the device thoroughly lest you regret later for the product purchase.

–    Ensure the blade is strong

–    Check the edge sharpness

–    Measure the full length


How The Knife is Useful?small boot knife-1


Uhh… actually, such small daggers have a wide number of benefits. And this would be hard for me to collect all of them in this single blog post. The benefits ranges are wide. But here I have listed a bunch of most important benefits that appeared suitable to with my best boot knife for the cowboy that I have bought recently. Moreover, I went through the boot knife reviews to know more about it.

Finally, I realized that these small daggers are really helpful to us provided that if we can apply them in the right place and at the right time.

Here go the key benefits.


–    Helps a lot to open a package that you receive from home and abroad.

Ordinary Kitchen Use

–    You can use the knife as your regular kitchen tool to cut small vegetable or to peel them.


–    You can use the best small boot knife for crafting purposes like crafting in woods.

Stapler Remover

–    Often we need to remove staples, and the sharp spearhead can do that easily.

Remove Cloth Tags

–    Removing cloth tags becomes simpler with a small knife.

Teeth Cleaner

–    If you do not have a toothpick in front of you, you can apply the knife to meet the purpose.


–    Using a knife is not a bad idea to use a sharp knife to sharpen your pencil. You can do that quickly.

Nail Cleaning

–    The sharp edge of the knife can clean the inner parts of our nails.

As Razor

–    You can use your knife instead of a razor for emergency shaving.

Small Cuts

–    The application of small cutting is widely performed through this sharp tool.


–    You can use the knife for throwing which is a hobby for many.

Bottle Opener

–    This is another common benefit of owning a small blade. You can open a bottle if you lack the regular bottle opener.

Kitchen Helper

–    You can peel vegetable skins with the dagger easily.

Alternative Screwdriver

–    A handy tool for tightening screws. In fact, you can tighten almost all types of screws with the blade.

Cutting Paper/ Pills

–    A small blade can easily cut paper or split pills you need in case of necessity.



1.Question: What is the difference between a knife and a boot knife?

Ans: A knife could be used for almost all purposes, but boot knife is for some specific purposes.

What is the perfect length for a small knife?

Ans: The length should not cross 5 inches for a small knife.

What should I consider before buying the best boot knife for cowboy?

Ans: Ensure you have a comfortable feeling with the knife when you hold it.

What type of blade design is suitable for the boot knife?

Ans: Both the double edge and single edge designs are suitable in this case.

Are boot knifes available in folding format?

Ans: No, boot knives are not foldable. They come with a fixed blade.


Top 10 Best Boot Knife Reviews

I have gathered some reviews of some of the exciting sharp knives. The reviews are collected based on their popularity and availability. I also followed some reviews available on the internet while preparing this one.


Columbia River Hissatsu Folding Knife

The best tactical boot knife

This knife is a good one for regular use. Actually, this sharp tool is perfect for everyday use in small chores. It comes with some special features and comparatively resilient. You can use it for self-defense as well. But make sure you are not abusing the sharpness.


Smaller size

√  Moderate blade


Cuts any piece

Auto lock feature

Non-reflective coating


Wonderful Look


× Poorly manufactured

× Hard to open

× Troubles users


Benchmade Nimravus 141 Knife

The best small boot knife with top quality

When you are looking for the best tactical boot knife and do not get that, this one is for you. It’s an outstanding knife for frequent use. The tool is made with long-lasting materials. So, it ensures great service. It is simple to use and preserve. Moreover, you can use it for different purposes together.


Durable blade

Stainless steel blade

Aluminum handle

Rust resistant

Slick design

Less weight

Comfortable grip

Easy cleaning

Used for tactical purposes


× Delivery delay

× Defected product in delivery


Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Boot Knife



A compact piece for everyone

The best boot knife reviews have termed this knife as the best one for some reasons. You can get some extra advantage from this fixed blade boot knife. It has an excellent look. Moreover, you can carry it easily. The overall size is lucrative.


Smaller size

Ceramic coating

Compact piece


Steel frame

Easy concealing

Always ready to use

Ankle mounting

Belt mounting

3.3 inches blade


× Less durable

× Faulty sheath

× Sheath damages easily





A knife ready for all situations

The demand for multipurpose knives is on the rise. And to meet the needs, the manufacturer has marketed this product. Considering different matters, this piece is a big one for regular applications. The sharp tools are good like the firearms from the manufacturer. A piece of jewel indeed by S&W.


Sharp tip

Small size

Easily usable


Less weight

4.7 inches blade

Too sharp blade


Rubber handle

Boot mounting

Belt mounting

Quick access


× Tip breaks easily

× Less durable



Super sharp boot knife for cowboy

When it is about a boot knife, people seek the slimmer design and smaller size. Both the combination is available with this piece. Someone can use this tool for different purposes. And importantly, it has a nice look that will make you fall in love with it. A comfortable grip makes to move it easily.


Sharp blade

Small size

Wonderful design

Metal Clip

Cuts everything

Japanese steel blade


Less weight

Perfect for home use


× Cover loses temper

× Cover can’t hold the knife

× Thin handle

× Uncomfortable feeling


Gerber Warrant Knife

An unstoppable sharp knife ready for action

This is a lovely sharp weapon for everyday use. The manufacturer has paid complete attention while making it. So, this knife is a wonder for the users. The features are adorable. It looks beautiful when kept inside the cover. In fact, this is a must for people with an adventurous attitude.


Unique design

Black color

Light knife

Digital cameo sheath

Thin blade

4.5 inches blade

Both way usable

Elastic pommel retention

8.5 inches in full length



× Too much sharp

× Unusable in reverse fight

× Cheap sheath

× Less durable sheath


Old Timer 162OT



A token of high performance

The piece is made from a reputed brand. As the brand name, the knife serves excellent. Importantly, the sharp tool is used for different purposes. Besides, it comes with some specific features. You can hold it strongly while using. The size and shape is also grandeur that makes it a noble piece.


High performance

Small size

Sharp blade


Top class material

Leather sheath

3.8 inches blade

Spear point blade

Durable handle

Easy grip


× Loose sheath

× Uneven grip rivets

× Defected blade

× A problem to quick use


Cold Steel Kobun

A strong deadly piece

If it is about the boot knife for a cowboy, the cold steel piece would be in number one position. It owns some extra features and facilities. The overall manufacturing is nice with the knife. And the manufacturer took right care while preparing it. The dagger does not need frequent sharpening like the other contemporary knives.


Slim blade

Ergonomic design

Boot mounting

Belt mounting

Sharp blade

Reinforced tip


Reasonable price

Easily hiding

Perfect balancing


× Unfit sheath


Fury Boot Knife



A knife for professionals

Usually, such knives are made for real-life use. But some of them are excellent to look at as well. This piece of Fury contains both features. This multipurpose knife is available everywhere. Users are in love with it for its special look and quality.


Looks black

Dual edge

Sharp blade

Rubber grip

Ergonomic design

Dual guards

Leather sheath


Spear point blade


For professionals


× Sharpening required

× Bad finishing

× Belt mounting only


Master USA Fixed Blade Neck Knife



Extra cutting power

The manufacturer takes pride in the top quality material. The piece is on the boot knife review list for its performance. The knife has a different look. The cord in the handle makes it outstanding.


√ Steel blade

Sharp blade


Hard plastic cover

Lanyard hole

6.75 inches altogether

Excellent grip


× Extra sharp

× Low-quality cord

× For specific purposes





Now, after the long discussion, I think as my reader you have got the complete picture of the best boot knife. In fact, the best tactical boot knife is the one which serves the purposes most.

A detailed discussion is made of the above passages so far. And after the analysis, the piece from Cold Steel Kobun appears the best one to me. The knife comes with the most of the merits while the number of demerits is lower.

This particular sharp weapon has only a single Demerit. The blade does not fit rightly always. But if you change the cover, the problem is gone.

Moreover, the slim blade has some other benefits. You can conceal the weapon either on your boots or also you can place it on your belt. Either way, you can carry it easily. The tip is sharp and stronger.

Hope you would be happy with this sharp tool.






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