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Top 3 Best Bowie Knife Reviews in 2024

Bowie Knife has a unique design which is originally meant for self-defense. Though today bowie fixed blade knife is being used by hunters, butchers for cutting meat as well as for wilderness survival.

There are also knife enthusiasts who procure bowie fix blade knife as collector’s items. Blacksmiths handcrafted the first few Bowie knives according to the particular requirements of an individual.

Today you can find the best bowie knife in most stores, although some collectors still prefer a custom-made knife.

Bowie is a very large and heavy knife that normally comes with a sheath where it kept in.

Best Bowie Knife in 2024

We have listed a few of the top knife on the market today;

Winchester 22-41206 Big Bowie Knife 8.57 Inch

Gerber is a well-known knife brand popular for their very high-quality knives. One of the best high-quality knife models is, of course, the Gerber Winchester which is a large and sturdy knife has a rugged design.

This knife is one of the most versatile hunting knives that you will find, used for hunting, survival, tactical, outdoor as well as many industrial situations.

Many customers who bought this knife applauded the amazing strength and durability of the blade.

Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife – Best Survival Bowie Knife

This is a solid, straight back knife that is designed superiorly with 420HC steel and a gorgeous satin finish.  Comfortable to handle, corrosion-resistant with excellent edge retention, the Buck Knives Frontiersman is a strong and durable knife.

Great for camping, hunting, and any other outdoor activity. Truly the best quality bowie as well as the best survival knife.There were some excellent reviews on the full tang and full handle this knife features as well as the sharpness of the blade.

Schrade SCHF45 Leroy Full Tang Bowie Fixed Blade Knife – Best Fixed Blade Under 50

The Schrade SCHF45 Leroy is by far the best Bowie fix blade knife under $50. An ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts because of its extreme durability. You will be able to perform many tasks with the greatest of ease as the blade is extremely sharp and the knife handles really well and easily.

This knife is great value for money, it is a bit on the heavy side which makes it even more perfect for heavy duty tasks.

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The Top 9 Best Quality Bowie Knives Reviews

Are you looking for the top rated survival knife? Well look no further, we have researched and listed the top reviewed Knives that are available today.

Here are some of the top-rated Knives discussed below;

1. Cold Steel Natchez Bowie 01 Steel Knife

Cold Steel Natchez Bowie 01 Steel Knife

A powerful and uniquely shaped Knife which is crafted to perfection. This will make an excellent option for Bowie Knives for collectors.



 A unique shape for extra strength.

 Perfectly balanced.

 The extremely sharp edge that retains its sharpness.

 A stunningly crafted design for collectors.

✓ Sharp out of the box.



 The handle is not the most comfortable design.

Does not come with a much-required sheath.


2. Ka Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife – Best Combat Fixed Blade Knife

Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

You cannot go wrong with the Ka-Bar Becker BK9, an ideal choice for combat and field craft chores.

This bowie survival knife is complemented on its sharpness and for how long it can hold its edge.


 The extremely sharp blade that holds its edge for a very long time.

 Very quick to sharpen when necessary.

 Can also be used as a combat and survival knife.

 Chops through wood easily.

 The ergonomic Grivory handle aids in fighting hand fatigue.

 Thoroughly tested for quality and durability…


The handle is a bit small and uncomfortable.

The sheath is not of the finest quality.

3. Timber Rattler Western Outlaw

Timber Rattler Western Outlaw

The Timber Rattler Western outlaw is considered one of the top bowie hunting knife for survival purposes.

This knife blade is enormous and very thick giving it great strength and durability which is perfect in survival situations where you need to chop wood and cut through weeds and other vegetation.


 An 113/8 inch blade made from stainless steel with a brass plated guard.

 The blade has a full tang to ensure durability and strength.

 The classic gray hardwood handle is comfortable to use and holds firmly in your hand.

 Original leather sheath included in the package.

 The stainless steel blade comes very sharp out of the box.


Because of the size and thickness of the blade, it is quite difficult to sharpen.

4. Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider – Best Bowie Knife under $100

Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider

The Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider is the highest quality & a very large knife that is the best in its class for its price with some excellent reviews and ratings.


 The handle provides excellent grip and has a hook on the bottom for when you need to choke down on the handle.

 A full tang that improves strength and durability.

 The point of the blade is razor sharp and pierces through almost anything with ease.

 This blade is very thick and durable.

 A long and durable blade.


The edge of this knife is not very sharp and takes some time to sharpen.

5. Cold Steel San Mai Trail Master Kraton Handle Knife

Cold Steel San Mai Trail Master Kraton Handle (Cordura Sheath)

With its broad clip point the blade on the Cold Steel San Mai Trail Master you have much less risk of the blade bending or breaking. The Kraton handle that comes with provides a non-slip and shock absorbing grip.

A well balanced, durable and powerful knife with intricate and precise detail to make it one of the best bowie and hunting knife.


 The Blade will not bend or break because of the broader clip.

 An extremely sharp point for easy penetration.

 The blade back has a concave false edge honed by hand and speed buffed for superior sharpness.

 A heavy feel for chopping wood and slashing strokes.

 The checkered Kraton handle ensures non-slip, shock absorbing grip.

 A sturdy and fixed double guard.

 A durable and high-quality sheath which is included in the package.


There have been complaints of opened packaging and the wrong knife received.

Not as tough according to its price.

6. Buck 124 knife

Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath

If you are on the market looking for the Best Quality bowie and the hunting knife, then look no further! The Buck Knives 124 frontiersman with Fixed blade and leather sheath is right up there.

Buck Knives pride themselves on the excellence and experience that goes into the crafting of each and every one of their superior quality knives. Their knives are all guaranteed with a forever warranty because they believe in the quality and integrity of their products.



 The steel blade with satin finish delivers strength, durability, great edge retention and corrosion resistance.

 Blade of this knife is solid and fixed, perfect for outdoors and hunting.

 The black genuine leather sheath is durable and of good quality.

 An extremely sharp blade.


The handle is not rounded off well and slightly uncomfortable.

The retaining strap on the sheath is of poor quality.

7. Gerber Winchester Large Bowie Fix Blade Knife

Gerber Winchester

The Gerber Winchester is a very large and rugged design knife that is both durable and reliable.

The Winchester fixed blade knife stainless steel blade holds very well and can be used for military, survival, hunting, tactical as well as many other outdoor situations.


 winchester buck knife has great versatility and many uses.

 Extremely sharp out of the box.

 The sheath is made from the finest quality Guaita nylon that is very durable.

 A very large knife for heavy-duty use.

 Field tested for quality.

One of the biggest bowie knife


 Blade scratches very easily.

 The sheath unthreads easily.

8. Szco Supplies Carbon Steel Knife – best bowie knife for the money

Szco Supplies Carbon Steel Bowie Knife

A very affordable bowie fixed blade knife with the traditional carbon steel blade, wood handle, and a leather sheath.

The handle is comfortable, a full-tang and sharp blade that is more suited to light duty use.


 You can choose from a carbon steel or stainless steel version.

 This knife will make a great collectors addition.

 The wood handle is comfortable and grips easily and the full tang ensures better strength.

 Extremely affordable price for what you are getting.

 Heavy and solid as well as quite durable.


 Very straightforward design.

 Comes very dull and takes some time to sharpen.

9. Schrade SCHF45 Leroy Full Tang Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF45 Leroy Full Tang Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

Looking for a knife under 50 dollars, look no further! The Schrade SCHF45 Fixed Blade Knife is great quality for the money.

Its an ideal knife for dressing game, splitting, kindling and even self-defense, a great working knife that you can keep strapped to your hip.


 Great quality for its price.

 A Very sharp edge that holds quite well.

 Stainless steel blade coated with titanium.

 The blade is very long and thick with a full tang for improved power and durability.

 Very comfortable and well balanced despite its heavy weight.

 A plastic sheath is included with many eyelets and slots to add extra gear.


 The handle scales are not well matched to the tang.

 A rivet is missing on the sheath.

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What are Bowie knives Used For?

A bowie or hunting knife is a very large and heavy knife In general, but it is also an extremely powerful knife with fantastic cutting ability.

Here are few effective ways you can use this knife;


The grip on the handle and the length of the blade make it perfect for a kill and the cutting power allows for easy cleaning and skinning.

»Combat and Defence

The size of this knife alone is enough to scare away an attacker. You should take advice though to go through proper training before trying to use this knife as a weapon.


This kind of knife is useful for creating a shelter as well as hunting food in a survival situation.The Bowie or Survival Knife is a multi-functional knife that can cut through almost anything.

What To Look For in Bowie Knives?

You may find that there are many variations in the design of this knife.Before you make a choice on buying a knife you will have to identify its exact purpose for use.

Here are a few features to look at when choosing a bowie knife;


Usually, this types of knife are made from Carbon steel because it is so easy to sharpen and stays sharp for a very long time. Today though you will find top Bowie fixed Knives made from stainless steel alloys with other comparable materials, even anodized aluminum.

best bowie knife guides

For a more authentic knife, we would advise that you opt for the carbon steel version.

»Blade Size

One of the main aspects of this knife is its enormous blade, although the function that this knife is intended for will determine the size of the blade.

For preppers and survivalists, a larger blade is recommended as it is better for chopping wood and clearing weeds and vegetation.

Small blades will allow you a more precise cut and are highly recommended for bushcraft skills, fishing, and skinning or cleaning meat.

»Blade Length

The length of the blade of a fixed-blade fighting knife is another one of its trademarks, the blade can be anything from 9.5 inches and longer, although you do get shorter blades from about 5 inches today.
The longer the length the more striking the display for collectors of a Bowie Knife.

»The Tang

The Tang who is the part where the blade and handle connects is normally quite heavy and a full tang is required in order for the knife not to break at the hilt.
For collectors, though the tang is not a concern as the knife is not going to be used.

Benefits Of Using A Bowie Fixed Blade Knife?

There are many great benefits to having a fixed blade knife, particularly if you are a hunter, fisherman, survivalist or outdoors enthusiast, besides these a hunting knife is also a great defense tool with properly educated use.

Here are some of the excellent benefits of having a bowie fixed blade knife;

 Sharp Blade

  • The sharpness of the blade and curved tip makes an excellent tool for skinning and cleaning meat as well as for cutting and slicing meat.
  • The sharp blade will cut through almost anything and can be used to cut through wood, vegetation and even for a kill when hunting.

 Large Size of the Blade

  • Because of the size and thickness of the blade, it is very durable and powerful.
  • You can chop wood, use the blade like a machete to cut through weeds.


  • This knife is ideal for preparing food while camping.
  • A great knife for hunting.
  • One of the best self-defense
  • Powerful and versatile enough for a survival tool.
  • A classic and stunning design sought by many collectors.

Comfortable Design

  • Easy to grip and use the handle.
  • Heavy and sturdy.
  • Long Blade for better functionality

Final Words – Wrapping it up

This types of fixed blade knives that have a very long history and serve many purposes from functional to just collecting, it is a classically styled knife with many uses.There are many variations to the hunting knife with a large amount of distinct and exquisite designs.The Bowie or survival Knife is known for its intimidating size, sturdy design, and heavyweight.

The Cold Steel San Mai Trail Master Kraton Handle is one of our favorites because of its amicable quality and durability as well as its gorgeous design.

Whereas the Szco Supplies Carbon Steel hunting knife is the best value for money that you will get, not meant for extreme heavy duty tasks it is still versatile and durable and the most affordable Bowie and Hunting Knife.

Lastly, the Schrade SCHF45 Leroy Full Tang is also a more affordable knife. It is a gigantic, heavy duty, thick, razor sharp and durable, all the qualities that should be evident in the best bowie knife.






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