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10 Best Karambits in 2019 (Fixed Blade Buying Guide)

Self-defense is an important issue and you will need some sort of weapons for that. Carrying firearms is not easy and it needs permission in different parts of the world.


But there are no strict rules about carrying a sharp tool like a karambit. The sole intention is self-defense.


Have you ever used any karambit? Or do you have any ideas about how it is used in self-defense?


If the answer is a ‘NO’, you might have missed a great thing in life. Actually, many of the people lack clear idea that what the best karambits is.

Besides, people are unaware of where do the karambits come from and other necessary details. Luckily, I had some chances to see the knife being used for self-defense.

That helped me to get interested in this sharp device. Here I will describe everything about the karambits.

This sharp weapon has different variations in spelling, but the size and shape remain almost the same both in the east and west. This is basically a multi-use curved knife.

It is mostly designed for efficiency and safety of the users. The blade is pointed downwards. But sometimes, the curving is also available in backward as well.

The key difference between the usual knives and karambits is that the second one is made for a regular user. But not all the knives are usable in everyday situations.

This tool comes with a finger guard too. The finger guard helps to get a stronghold of the knife when you will use the sharp edge for self-defense.

The knife was originated in Indonesia. At the beginning of its first phase, people used it as a farming device. With the passage of time, the necessities of this sharp tool have changed to a great extent.

Thereby, the sharp weapon is used for diversified purposes in the present context. karambits for self-defense are available in different sizes but the shape is almost the same – like a tiger claw.

10 Best Karambits Reviews in 2019


1. Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife Fixed Blade



This is a great small knife with multi-use capacity. The knife is usable even for cutting packages, self-defense, opening letters, as agricultural tool and more.

This sharp piece also looks nice with an ergonomic design. Holding the grip offers a perfect feeling.



Smaller in size


√ Solid grip

√ Solid blade

√ Well designed

√ Reversible clip

Easy deployment

√ Great sheath

√ Secured sheath [/one_half_first] [one_half_last]


× Low quality steel

× Loose sheath clip [/one_half_last]

2. Tac-force Spring Assisted Open Skull Skeleton Claw Folding Blade Pocket Knife


This Tac-force pocket knife is a very good one comparing its price. The visual of this sharp piece is stunning. And the quick use of the pieces is adorable too. This pocket knife is available everywhere with its decent outlook. In fact, people prefer it for the magnificent design actually.



5-inch knife

Decent look

√ Complete metal

√ Sharp blade

√ Quick release lever

√ Strong lock

√ Stainless steel blade

Skeleton shape handle [/one_half_first] [one_half_last]


× Tight hinge

× Uncomfortable grip

× Troublesome to sharpen [/one_half_last]



3. TAC Force TF-816GY Spring Assist Folding Knife


Spring assist folding knives are really helpful as the user can fold it whenever needed. The user can also open this sharp weapon in one hand. Besides, the safety features are adorable while the design is gorgeous. The knife is popular because of its different styles and multi-use capacities.




Easy to carry

Stainless steel blade

3mm thickness

6 inches

Liner lock

Skull handle

Rapid deployment

Aluminum handle

Pocket clip

Too sharp

Solid knife [/one_half_first] [one_half_last]


× Tip loses sharpness

× The pocket clip breaks easily [/one_half_last]


4. BladesUSA E419-PP Polypropylene Karambit Training Knife


Mostly used as a martial art training tool, the Polypropylene Karambit Training Knife is one of the highest quality karambit. This piece comes with a polypropylene blade. The tip is round which makes it comfortable for the trainers and there are no security risks associated with it. Thereby, no protective outfits needed while training.



√ Lead-free material

Easy to use

√ Good looking

√ Training knife


3 inches blade


Finger ring

Curved handle

Durable [/one_half_first] [one_half_last]


× Not for real-life application

× Small knife for large palms

× No instruction manual [/one_half_last]

5. Vulcan Gear Tactical Karambit Hawkbill Knife


Vulcan Gear takes humble pride in this knife. This is a very high-quality karambit. And it is able to impress in the first look. This pointed piece fits in almost everyone’s hand. The knife is functional sharp and can serve a good number of purposes. Concealing capacity for the knife is average but the user can apply the knife fast for its special sheath.



Super sharp

Reasonable price

Good looking

Durable handle

Easy to use

Fine grip

Fixed blade

4 inches blade

Stainless steel blade [/one_half_first] [one_half_last]


× Blade breaks easily

× Cheap sheath [/one_half_last]



6. TAC FORCE Pocket Knives BLACK Blade Tactical Knife


This particular knife is astonishing than its price. It comes with a nice package and able to make you feel thrilled. The top class quality has made it a nice present for the different occasion. Though the knife tip is too sharp the edges are a bit less. So, it may frustrate the users a bit. The knife is usable for different purposes and you can also cut things you need.



Pocket clip

Wonderful look

Sharp blade

Top quality material

Tight Lock

Meets expectation

Sharp blade

Fits all size [/one_half_first] [one_half_last]


× Lock malfunction

× Breaks easily

× Hazardous for children [/one_half_last]


7. SE KFD359 Karambit/Hawkbill Style Full Tang 7.5 Inch Knife


This excellent knife is a perfect fit for martial art training. Besides, this edged piece is usable for various other purposes too. The features are outstanding that helps it to make a rapid counter-attack. The precise cutting ability has made it popular among the users.



Stainless Steel blade

Comfortable handling

7.5 inches

Stunning sheath

Plastic handle

Strong grip

Reasonable price

75mm blade thickness

Steel finger loop [/one_half_first] [one_half_last]


× Non-painted

× Low-grade metal [/one_half_last]


8. MTech USA Xtreme MX-8140BT Fixed Blade Knife


A perfect sharp weapon for adventurers, and might be the best-fixed blade karambit knife made ever. The knife is featured with some of the most spectacular characteristics. Accordingly, it has become an attractive piece for knife collectors. This particular piece looks better and can serve well in times of needs. Comfortable handling has made it more popular. And the knife is available in several varieties as well.



Nice grip

Stunning blade

Fixed blade


Stainless steel blade

5mm thick blade

Large finger hole

High-grade material

Brown coating

Nylon sheath


Safe to carry [/one_half_first] [one_half_last]


× Larger in size [/one_half_last]


9. KARAMBIT Tactical Knife By Magnolia Gear


Often termed as the most effective sharp weapon for self-defense, the piece from Magnolia Gear is really a good one. Most of the manufacturers are unable to maintain the quality but this particular producer does not compromise on the quality issue. This tactical knife comes with a 4-inches blade.



Very sharp

Stainless steel

Titanium coated

Blade sharpener

Attractive sheath

Professional use

Personal use

Anti-slippery handle

Rapid use

Attractive design

Solid refund policy [/one_half_first] [one_half_last]


× Faulty packaging

× Bad sheath [/one_half_last]


10. Survivor HK-106320 Series Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife


If you are seeking the best outdoor piece, this is the right one for you. In fact, it is made for ideal use in outdoor settings. The knife is useable in almost any situations when you are out of the home. Easy handling process is the other feature that people adore most in this knife.




Fixed blade

Stainless steel blade

Easy to carry

Nylon sheath


3-inches blade

4mm thick blade

Ideal for camping

Nylon wrapped handle

Comfortable handling [/one_half_first] [one_half_last]


× Troubles with sheath sewing

× Less durable

× Less sharp [/one_half_last]


karambit Fixed Blade Knife Buying Guide

The karambit knives are appreciated widely for their precise functions. They are able to cut precisely. Moreover, in self-defense, these edged devices are excellent. You can make a sudden attack or counter attack if you have the piece on your grip.


Hence, the importance of the knife is charming. But buying the tool is not easy. As there are a good number of varieties available in the market, you need to remain careful while getting the tool. The most important thing is that you will need to meet your needs. And you will not always use the device for countering the attack on you or striking other people you want.


• Manufacturing Materials

This is an important fact to consider before buying a karambit. A good number of manufacturers are producing the tool. But all the materials are not the same.

This curved weapon has different varieties. So, try to get the one which has the strong blade. In fact, the blade is the key element that will do your job.


• Type

Firstly, decide which type of piece you need. Some of the pieces are made for everyday use. Some others are made for special or occasional use.

Besides, some of the double-edged karambit knives are found with sheaths too. So, you need to decide on the type for your use before you move to buy this piece.


• Stainless Steel Blade

Make sure you have the blade made of stainless steel. Before getting this quick instrument, you will need to check if it is really made of the steel or not.

You might read some reviews on how to verify the steel of a karambit. Though the blades made of aluminum or titanium is not dis-satisfactory, the ones with stainless steel are more durable.


• Grip

The grip of a karambit is a great concerning matter for the users. If the grip is not up to the mark, it may cause an accident for the users.

Thereby, this is a must that you should check the grip of your knife before you get that.


• Blade Size

The usual blade size of the karambit knives is not more than 6 inches. Hence, you need to decide your purpose and accordingly get the blade after your needs.

Do not unnecessarily increase the blade size unless you really need it.


• Opening Ways

Generally, the karambit come with a fixed blade. But in the present context, they are available in folding ways too. So, confirm which one you need.

The folding knives come with several opening styles while the fixed one does not need to.


Why Should You Use Them?

At the beginning, the karambits were used for daily needs only. But gradually, the necessity of the double-edged karambit knives increased. And now, this is one of the deadliest sharp instruments of the age.

But now, it has become an essential tool for regular use. People use it in different aspects of their daily life. Here are some best uses of the sharp tools are described in brief.

1)  Close combats – being a small knife, the use of karambits is appropriate. The user can move too fast and easily to attack or prevent attacks.

2) Easy to carry- generally best quality karambits under 200 are smaller in size. And so, this is easy to carry for everyone.

3) Anti-slip – holding a knife is often tough for gripping. But the best fixed blade karambit knife allows the user to have a tighter grip.

4)   Safety – this is an impressive positive aspect of such knives. The chances of hurting the users are almost zero while the other such tools do not have the feature.

5)   Regular use – the application of the tool is diversified. It is usable even for everyday tasks as well.

6)   Easy handling– you can transfer the karambit easily from one hand to another. It helps to make the opponents puzzled.

7)   Double edge – many of the regular knives are of a single edge. But this knife comes with a double edge. It enables the multi-use of the tool.



What is a karambit?

Originated in Southeast Asia, karambit is a very small knife with a safety ring. It ensures the safety of the users in many situations and could be used in any conditions. It is preferred for small tasks.


Is it legal to have karambit knife?

Actually, it depends on states whether it would allow carrying karambits or any other types of sharp weapon.


What is the function of the ring in the knife?

The ring ensures the grip safety of the users. When the user will insert the finger into the ring, there are fewer chances for the knife to slip from the grip. It also prevents untoward risks associated with this sharp tool.


Why is the knife shaped like a claw?

This is the special feature of the knife and it has made it easy to use in any situations. Besides, the shape makes it attractive too.


What are the applications of this knife?

The knife has a diversified use. Users can use it for fishing, farming, self-defense and even hunting.



Now, we are in the last part of this best karambits knife buying guide. So far, you got ideas about the knife and other details. This is a great knife if you can use it in the right way and at the right time. But before that, you will need to get the exact piece you need. Ten knives have been reviewed above, and based on the analysis the MTech USA Xtreme MX-8140BT Fixed Blade Knife appears as the best one in my point of view,


Usually, all the other knives have their some sort of flaws and they do not have the desired level of utility for everyday use. This one only is larger in size than the other knives of the similar category.


But this is not a problem at all.


The other features are enough to consider it as the best one among the others. Those who are raising brows, please bear in mind that this fixed blade sharp tool is able to do some special things.

And the remaining others cannot even reach near the services it provides in terms of features and services or something else. You will get some incredible benefits.






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