Best Survival Multi Tool Review

Best Survival Multi Tool Review 2019 | A Detailed Comparison

Well, you are ready for heading up into the wild either for camping, hunting, hiking or mountaineering. But still you are in bewilderment what to pack and what not.

If you are really that thoughtful traveler, you will tend to pack your luggage as light as you can. You should take only the things those are highly useful and are able to serve you with more than a single purpose.

During the journey, there is always a possibility of falling into some situations where you need to overcome these by surviving.

With this objective in mind, I have decided to write a review regarding the best survival multi tool available in the market which can meet up all your requirements hopefully.


Top 11 Best Survival Multi Tool – Reviews 


1. Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier


If you want to get to get quality and performance at the same time from a multi tool device, then Gerber Suspension Multi-plier can be the best survival tool device for you.

After judging the overall features and necessities with price comparison, most of the multi-tool users like me will admit it without doubt that this device will remain in the top 5 chart. 



Handles come with nice and improved shape with comfortable grip option.

No need to open the pliers for using the tools inside.

Strongly built pliers with spring loaded features.


× The tools inside are uneasy to access due to being undersized.

× Not so friendly to carry this device for becoming heavy.


2. Leatherman – Wave Multi-tool, Black with MOLL E Sheath

The leatherman wave multitool has gained the position of one of the best-selling multitool devices for the reason that you can deploy its tools outside using just a single hand.

This device is equipped with more or less 17 tools including plain edged and serrated knife blades. In terms of versatility, this device is perfect for everyday occasional tasks.


Pretty much handy and portable for its lightweight and compact shape.

You can enjoy around 25 years of service warranty.

Its locking features ensures safety and gives you confidence while working.


× Possibility of sticking out of the backs of the knife blades can make you feel uncomfortable sometimes.

× Part of the scissors may bulge towards outside while working with pliers. 


3. Gerber Dime Multi-Tools

Not ideal for heavy duty, but this tiny multi tool device is perfect for serving any casual purposes. Because of being small in size, you can carry it very comfortably in your hip pocket.

This survival tool generally comes with tiny scissors, a set of pliers, screwdrivers and an opener.


The tools inside are comparatively compact in size and lighter in weight.

Ease on access and easy to carry.

An ideal multi tool device for occasional uses.


× Pliers do not function well if it does not fit properly into your closing fist.

× Other accessories have also limited service utility for being so small.


4. Leatherman 830850 Skeletool CX Multi-tool

For the users, who go out for camping very often, Leatherman Skeletool CX Multitool can be a better option. This device is bundled with necessary features only.

Its simplicity will get you back to the fundamentals. What more is needed during camping if you have pliers, screwdriver, scissors and a bottle opener with you within a single device?


Sharp edge knife blade is made of high quality stainless steel.

Bottle opener is very handy at use.

Provided with service warranty if any tool gets broken.


× Deployment process functions a bit slower sometimes.

× A little bit inflexible in access.

× Pliers do not function very well when you need to work under pressure.

5. Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife

Amongst all the multi tool devices which come in pocket knives format, Victorinox SwissChamp must be regarded as the best multi tool survival knife. You can use this device either for any adventure trip like camping or for any quick fix at home in our daily lives.


Amazingly around 32 tools have been bundled within a single device.

Have been designed in a manageable size and weight.

Scissor blades move fluently into each other and help you cut through foils, clothes etc.


× It contains some additional tools that remains unused most of the times.

× Sometimes it is supposed to be unsafe for not having any locking options in blades.


6. Victorinox SwissTool

Considering the number of features and functionalities, Victorinox SwissTool is one of the few multitool devices which has made its own position in the market. Not only for the quality, it is in the favorite list of customers, but also it attracts the users by its nice shape and design. You have to spend a bit more to buy it compared to other multi tools available in the market. When you will start using it, it will only make sense why it is so.


Well furbished and smooth design.

Enabled with locking functionalities.

Rounded corners of the handles provide safety to its users.


× It is difficult sometimes to access the tools with shorter fingernails.

× No plain knife blade is available.

7. Leatherman – Wingman Multitool

Whether you need a multi purpose tool for doing household fixes or for hiking activities, Leatherman – Wingman Multitool will be the smart choice for you.

To describe this tool in a few words, I just would like to say is a versatile multi tool device with a number of handy tools that comes in stainless steel format and is enabled with replaceable pocket clips and externally accessible features.


Compact-sized and lighter in weight with ‘easy to carry’ option.

Pliers work fine with spring-loaded feature.

Durability is higher with 25 years long service warranty.

Helpful tool with a lot of practical functions.


× Lack of a dedicated notch to pull the scissors out.

× The ruler is useless for its ultra-small size.


8. Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier, Black

The well known manufacturing brand Gerber designed this familiar multi tool device which has been in the pioneering position in a shorter period of time for some unique features.

It is enabled with pliers that can be operated using a single hand. Its sliding lock functionality is another great feature which has made it popular.

You can use it to accomplish any difficult task anytime and anywhere.


One hand operating system with an adjustable option.

Ratio between size and weight is excellent.

Abrasive blasting has been used to help protect from corrosion.


× Few on-board tools are difficult to access without opening the tool next to them.

× Spring loaded feature is not enabled with the pliers.


9. Leatherman 830039 Wave Multitool

What are the features for which we can say an equipment a complete multi tool device? I think they are strongly built pliers, larger knife with sharp-edged blades, wire cutters and locking mechanism.

All these things I just mentioned you will find in a Leatherman 830039 Wave Multitool which is very popular and sometimes regarded as the best multi tools for survival.


Outside blades can be used even while the handle is not opened.

Every Leatherman Wave Multitool is packaged with leather and nylon combination sheath.

Enabled with single-handed operable features.

You can enjoy Leatherman’s 25-year long service warranty.


× The bit holder does not function well.

× A bit heavier compared to other multi tools. 

10. Real Avid .223/5.56 MSR Tool

Pretty much handy little gadget with more or less 37 useful tools for complete MSR maintenance. Real Avid MSR is precisely built and corrosion resistant with black oxide coatings and is enabled with mission-specific features. The MSR tool helps reduce any kind of malfunctions. Reassembly and customization have also become faster and easier through this MSR tool.


Long lasting folding frames.

Comes with the combination of replaceable blades and a carbide cutter device.

Stainless steel knife blades with 12 good quality bits.


× Front sight adjuster does not function well every time you will be working with the tool.

× The forks are so short that it cannot reach the notches.

11. Magnelex Ultimate 22-in-1 Stainless Steel

This is one of the multi tool devices which is not widely known but has been able to place itself in the list of top 10 Survival Multi Tool for Urban Survival of this year. The name title describes it the most. It contains 22 tools within 1 single device built with ultra-strong 440C super steel.


Three different types of blades: short, long and serrated.

Good quality belt case to carry and protect your device.

Comes with spring-action scissors and spring-loaded pliers.

Available with eleven different bit heads that can easily be unfastened from the adapter.


× Sometimes it’s hard to get the tools out of the device by fingernails.

× Blades and cutters are not that sharp.


What is Survival Multi Tool?

Now, let us come to this question and make it clear before jumping into our subject topic. Some people get it wrong mixing up some traditional hand tools with survival multi tools. Gone are those days when people had to carry an entire heavy toolbox to carry those hand tools.

With the advancement of technology, some creative thinkers of our generation have engineered the best multi tool for survival which serves a lot of purposes. You can keep this survival multi tool device in your hip pocket or slip into your bag very easily.


Different Survival Multi Tools Available On The Market

Even though the multi-functional tools come in a number of variables, there are only three basic types which are the most popular among adventure lovers. Here goes a short brief about three basic types of best multi tool for survival:


Folding Multi Tools:

When someone hears about “multi tools”, the first image comes to their mind is a folding device with a number of useful tools inside. These multi tools mainly include large scissors and a pair of collapsible pliers and are designed in such a way that they can be folded out of each handle.

In order to prevent any sort of accident, some folding tools come with lock functionality. These tools are sometimes wrapped up with cloth or leather for carrying them conveniently with belt, because of being a bit large.

Pocket Multi Tools:

These multi tools are designed by following the blueprint of swiss army knife. They have a similar number of tools like folding multi tools, sometimes even more than them.

You do not have to suffer any carrying hassle as they are less heavy compared to the folding ones.

Key-chain Multi Tools:

These multi tools are known as the compressed form of folding and pocket multi tools. Because of being extra small, it has easy portability and hence has a large number of .sale in the market.


Some of the Best Survival Multi Tools:


Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

No matter if you never used any kind of multi tool before or you are an experienced user, Greber Suspension Multi-Plier can be a good choice for you. Everything you expect from a survival multi tool device, you will get from it.

This pocket device comes with a very affordable price and its performance is also quite satisfactory.

  • Leatherman – Wave Multitool, Black with MOLLE Sheath


If someone asks you to recommend any survival multi tool or you want to present someone especially a hiker or a technician or an office worker, I will suggest you of this particular device.

One of the good things to use this device is that you can utilize its knife blades, wood-cutting saw blades, combination files without spreading out the handles of the pliers.

A leather sheath, acts as a protective covering, comes with this type of wave multi-tools. Many other important functional features you will be going to have with just a very fair price.


  • Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife

For the admirers of ‘Swiss Army Knife’, what equipment other than the SwissChamp Pocket Knife could be the best multi tool survival knife? By appearance, it seems to be an ordinary folding knife.

But inside this, you will find as many numbers of tools as some of the best survival multi tool devices can have.


Buying Guide For The Best Quality Survival Multi-Tools

  • Objective

    First of all, make sure about your intentions for what purposes you will be going to use a multi tool basically. Maybe it will for camping, hiking, hunting or mountaineering.

Once you have been able to understand your purpose and choice, it will be easier to choose a survival multi tool to satisfy your needs.

Just in case you want to use a multi tool for hiking, then you have to consider one of the best multi tool for urban survival which has the quality knives and blades inside.

  • Functionality

    Nowadays, multi-purpose tools you will find in the market are bundled with lot of unique and useful features- from blades, scissors to magnifying glasses and what not.

You have to decide yourself what specific functionalities from which features you will be benefited the most. For instance, if you go out camping very often, knife and saw blades with can or bottle opener might be the best multi tool for survival.

  • Portability

    Size does matter and so does weight. Definitely, nobody wants to carry a device during travel that is large and heavy. The lighter your accessories will be in the journey, the less hassle you have to suffer in the journey.

Consider this issue carefully so that the journey will become more enjoyable. Try to choose the multitool device that will easily fit into your hip pocket or can be slipped easily into your backpack.

  • Ease of Access

    People sometimes measure the quality of a multi tool device by the number of tools and their features and functionalities.

But it is one of the crucial factors to consider while choosing the perfect survival tool is how conveniently or easily you can access your device. For example, a comfortable hand-grip option is one of the primary considerable issues you should keep in mind.

  • Safety

    Not all the multitool devices, but some of the popular multi-functional tool devices come with a security lock function.

So, remember this while buying any device. Because working with a tool while leaving other tools open may cause a great danger sometimes.

  • Pricing & Brand

    A quality multi tool device with a number of useful features will cost you a bit more. But it is not necessarily true all the times. That means an expensive multi tool knife may not always the best multi tool survival knife.

Also, make sure that your device was manufactured by a well-known brand so that you can rely on it. If you search carefully, you can buy a device with both combinations- a famous brand with reasonable price.

  • Warranty

    It is also a big deal to buy a product with a warranty especially when it happens from online.

Most of the cases, the multi-purpose tools from renowned manufactures come with an assurance of warranty.


Benefits of Using the Survival Multi Tool Devices

  1. Your best companion during an outward trip.
  2. Also provides you with a huge advantages for indoor indoor activities. Helps you to become a little home-technician.
  3. A number of tools within a single device will give you much more freedom.
  4. Not so heavy, so it gives you the advantage of portability.
  5. It enables your self-defense and makes you self-dependent.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 


  • I want to have an additional tool installed in my device. Can I have it?

    Every multi-functional device is designed to have some specific number of tools with some specific features. That’s why you cannot add or alter a different tool from other versions to the existing ones.


  • All the tools in one side of the handles unexpectedly got hold in locking position. How can I solve this issue?

    In this case, you may use another survival multi tool device or try to manage a suitable screwdriver to fix the problem. You can also read the manual, provided with the device while buying, to find out a solution for this if there’s any. Or, you may contact them by mail or phone if they can help you out anyway.

  • For how long I will be provided the service warranty? Can I have a replacement guarantee if any major dysfunction detected?

    It totally depends on the manufacturing company. Each company manufactures a variety of multi tool devices with a number of different versions and each of these come with a specific duration of warranty period. So, according to the manufacturing brands, it varies from product to product and version to version. Replacement guarantee is also a matter assured by manufacturers. It’s much better that you study and analyze all these things before buying your survival best multi tool.


End Notes

So, folks, we have tried to discuss in a brief about the pros and cons from some of the best survival multi tool gadgets in the article above. Now it’s your turn to choose carefully the best one which will serve you the most so that you can feel invincible anytime and anywhere.






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