Indiana Knife Laws

Indiana knife law

Indiana is one of the knife-friendliest states. Switchblades and almost all other knives are legal here.

Only ballistic knives and throwing stars are illegal or banned in Indiana.


Knives that are Illegal in Indiana

As it is mentioned above, only ballistic knives and ninja throwing stars are illegal as well as banned in Indiana.

The code 35-47-5-2 explains the illegality of the Ballistic knives.

Sec. 2: “It is a Class B misdemeanor for a person to manufacture, possess, display, offer, sell, lend, give away, or purchase any knife with a detachable blade that may be ejected from the handle as a projectile by means of gas, a spring, or any other device contained in the handle of the knife.”



So, manufacturing, possessing, displaying, offering, selling, lending or purchasing knives with detachable blades that are ballistic knives is a class B misdemeanor.


The code 35-47-5-12 explains the illegality of the ninja throwing stars.

“Sec 12: (a) A person who:

(1) Manufactures;

(2) Causes to be manufactured;

(3) Imports into Indiana;

(4) Keeps for sale;

(5) Offers or exposes for sale; or

(6) Gives, lends, or possesses;

A Chinese throwing star commits a Class C misdemeanor.

(b) As used in this section, “Chinese throwing star” means a throwing-knife, throwing-iron, or other knife-like weapons with blades set at different angles.”

Same here, manufacturing, importing, selling, lending or anything related to throwing stars or throwing knives is a class C misdemeanor.


Knife laws in the case of Intoxication

It is a class B misdemeanor if someone sells, gives or delivers any dangerous/deadly weapon/knife to a person who is intoxicated or knowing him to be in the case of intoxication, or having the habits of becoming intoxicated and related to it.

The details are given in the code 35-47-4-1 below.

Sec. 1: “A person who sells, barters, gives, or delivers any deadly weapon to any person at the time in a state of intoxication, knowing him to be in a state of intoxication, or to any person who is in the habit of becoming intoxicated, and knowing him to be a person who is in the habit of becoming intoxicated, commits a Class B misdemeanor.”

Laws for concealment

There are no concealment issues in Indiana knife laws. Open carry knife laws and concealed carry knife laws are the same. And you cannot carry an illegal knife openly or concealed.


Blade size

Blade size for particular knives is not an issue in Indiana knife laws too. There is no fixed or restricted blade size for any particular knife. You can carry any legal knives with any blade size.


Knife laws for the Minors in Indiana

Anyone cannot sell, give or transfer any deadly/dangerous weapons or knives to any person under eighteen (18) years of age. A person under eighteen (18) years old can possess a dangerous knife if only he/she has the permit from the parent/guardian.

The code 35-47-2-7 says about the law of the minor.

Sec.7: “(a) Except an individual acting within a parent-minor child or guardian-minor protected person relationship or any other individual who is also acting in compliance with IC 35-47-10 (governing children and firearms), a person may not sell, give, or in any other manner transfer the ownership or possession of a handgun or assault weapon to any person under eighteen (18) years of age.”


Knife laws in the Schools

Indiana does not allow any dangerous or deadly weapons/knives such as dirks, daggers, stilettos, knives consisting of a sharp-edged or sharp-pointed blade in the school campus, school bus or any places that belong to any school.

If anyone intentionally possesses a knife on school premises, commits a Class B misdemeanor.



These restrictions are not applicable for those,

  • If the knives are provided to the person by the school authority.
  • If the person uses the knives for an authorized reason given by the school corporation.
  • If the knives are secured/kept in a vehicle.


The code 35-47-5-2.5 explains it.

“(a) As used in this section, “knife” means an instrument that:

(1) consists of a sharp-edged or sharp-pointed blade capable of inflicting cutting, stabbing, or tearing wounds; and
(2) is intended to be used as a weapon.

(b) The term includes a dagger, dirk, poniard, stiletto, switchblade knife, or gravity knife.

(c) A person who recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally possesses a knife on:

(1) school property (as defined in IC 35-31.5-2-285);
(2) a school bus (as defined in IC 20-27-2-8); or
(3) a special purpose bus (as defined in IC 20-27-2-10);

commits a Class B misdemeanor. However, the offense is a Class A misdemeanor if the person has a previous unrelated conviction under this section and a Level 6 felony if the offense results in bodily injury to another person.

(d) This section does not apply to a person who possesses a knife:
(1) if:
(A) the knife is provided to the person by the school corporation or possession of the knife is authorized by the school corporation; and
(B) the person uses the knife for a purpose authorized by the school corporation; or
(2) if the knife is secured in a motor vehicle.”

Knives that are Legal in Indiana

Other than the ballistic knives and throwing stars, all other knives are legal to carry and own in Indiana.

  1. All sorts of pocket knives are legal
  2. Bowie knives are legal.
  3. Butterfly or Balisong knives are legal.
  4. Dirks, daggers, and stilettos are legal.
  5. Switchblades and all other automatic knives and gravity knives are legal.
  6. Assisted knives are legal.
  7. Undetectable knives are legal.
  8. Knives that are disguised under lipstick, pen, cane, belt etc. are legal.

Sum up to the knife laws in Indiana

Indiana’s knife laws are not that strict like the previous ones.

Restrictions for the minors under eighteen years old and restrictions for carrying any knives in the school premises are two important factors.

Otherwise, all other knives are legal to carry and own except “ballistic knives” and “Chinese throwing stars.”






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