Oregon Knife Laws

Oregon Knife LawsAccording to the Oregon knife laws, there is no banned knife which cannot be owned or possessed. But there is a restriction when some particular knives are carried concealed. On the other side, you can carry any legal knife openly anywhere except for the restricted places unless you are intended to make any harm to anyone.

Knife Possession Laws

According to the knife laws in Oregon, you can own any knife in your private residence or property or home unless you are not a convict and this wouldn’t be count as illegal. Only there are restrictions for those who are convicted felons and they cannot own or possess any knife in their residence or home or anywhere.

Knives that are Legal to Possess

People except for the convicted felons can possess or own the knives mentioned in the following in their private home or residence. Even you can sell or buy, manufacture or transfer any of these knives.

  • All kinds of pocket knives are legal to possess.
  • Balisong knives are legal to possess.
  • Ballistic knives are legal to possess.
  • Sword canes are legal to possess.
  • Throwing stars, throwing knives and other martial arts’ weapons are legal to possess.
  • Switchblades, gravity knives, and other automatic knives are legal to possess.
  • Knives that are disguised under the pen, cane, lipstick or belt buckles etc. are legal to possess.
  • Dirks, daggers, stilettos and other double-edged knives are legal to possess.
  • Bowie knives and other large single-edged knives are legal to possess.
  • All sorts of undetectable knives are legal to possess.

Knife Carrying Laws

As it is said at the beginning, knife open carry is relaxing here unless it is too large and does not expose any wrong intention. People also can bear arms or knives for their self-defense and for the State and it is mentioned in the code OR CONST Art. I, § 27.

But concealment of a knife is a big matter here. Know more what the statutes say about this.


Knife Concealing Laws

Carrying concealed dirks, daggers, ice picks, metal knuckles, slungshot, any knife that swings with a spring or centrifugal force and any knife or instrument which can cause serious injury to any person is illegal and it is a Class B misdemeanor.

The code “OR Rev Stat § 166.240 (through Leg Sess 2011)” mentions this clearly. (Source: https://law.justia.com/codes/oregon/2011/vol4/166/166-240/)

“(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, any person who carries concealed upon the person any knife having a blade that projects or swings into position by force of a spring or by centrifugal force, any dirk, dagger, ice pick, slungshot, metal knuckles, or any similar instrument by the use of which injury could be inflicted upon the person or property of any other person, commits a Class B misdemeanor.”

Exceptions: You can conceal carry any switchblade or regular pocket knife, that wouldn’t be illegal.

Peace officers or other law enforcement officers and any authorized person can carry knives or weapons concealed for their official duty purposes.

Blade Length of the Knives

Though concealment is restricted in this State, open carrying is pretty relaxing. But carrying larger knives are considered as the deadly weapons and taken as a dangerous issue. So, 4.5” to 5” long blade size of the knives included the pocket knives are a regular and ideal size to be granted as the legal carry. Consider this fact while you are carrying a knife outside.

Knife Laws in Schools

Oregon is just like the other States which prohibits carrying or possessing any kind of knife or weapon on the school premises or in any other educational institutions.

Final Words

Though Oregon permits to carry knives openly, you need to be careful about the blade size and the reason you are carrying them. Your approach needs to be very pure and authentic. If you are intended to cause any harm with your weapon or knife, you will be sentenced to punishment. But you can carry your knife to defend yourself and in that case, you need to have a proper explanation to prove yourself with confidence.

Do not conceal carry knives in your vehicle, under the seat of the vehicle or in the trunk or container or anywhere else. Even if you do not have any bad intention, you will face a lot of problem with this as carrying those knives concealed is illegal here.






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