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10 Best Boning Knife Reviews in 2024

Boning is a major step in food preparation but finding the best boning knife is not as easy as it sounds!

A knife specialized for this purpose used to remove bones from meat, fish or poultry and to fillet meat into small boneless pieces.

A good de-boning knife should be able to remove bone from fish, meat, and other poultry animals with precision and without making a mess.

3 Best Boning Knife Comparison in 2024 – Our Buying Guide

According to customer reviews and ratings, these are the top knives that are available today;

1) Mercer Cutlery Genesis 6 inch knife

Mercer Cutlery is a well-known brand in kitchen knives and the Genesis 6 Inch Forged knife is one of the most durable and well-engineered knives that you will find.

Do you want your knife to have a bolster? If yes your chosen seller will be able to provide it as this knife has a fixed bolster to keep it strong, durable and well balanced. This knife is NSF certified with a lifetime warranty. The perfect knife for the home chef and also restaurant chefs. 

2) Wusthof Classic 6 inch Flex Boning Knife

This knife is rated as one of the best quality flexible boning knives as far as these knives go. The forged high carbon stainless blade of steel with its narrow shape I find to be extremely is lightweight, durable and precise.

Not only is this one of the top knives for boning we also find it one of the most sought-after choices for a poultry deboning knife. Easy to use, affordable and extremely durable, this knife for boning can also be washed safely in a dishwasher. To assure you of its superior quality, this knife comes with a lifetime warranty.

3) Victorinox Fibrox Boning Knife

With so many positive remarks and such a high rating, this Victorinox boning with Fibrox handle is surely one of the top choices when it comes to a butcher knife. This knife has a thin and blade flexibility that is able to efficiently and accurately carve the meat from the bones of any animal,  it is also one of the best boning knives for deer and other game.

The Victorinox Boning Knife guarantees you the maximum amount of sharpness and durability even with continuous use.

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So how to choose a knife for boning to your requirements?

We have considered hundreds of reviews in order to create this well-researched resource on the top de-boning knife for food enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

This review on the best knives for boning is created to help you make an informed buying decision and to reveal a knife for boning purposes based on size, handle type, functionality, and ease of use.

Top 10 Best Boning Knife – Reviews

Here we have the top-rated knife for boning with their reviews that are available on the market;

1.  Wusthof Classic 6 Inch

The Wusthof classic 6 inch with the narrow blade is a great knife for boning that is easy to sharpen using knife sharpener and performs well with any meat but is more suited to poultry and fish.



 The blade is narrow and flexible which makes it excellent for de-boning fish and poultry.

 The triple-riveted handle ensures strength and performance.

 It has an outstanding feel and balance and is sharp straight out of the box.

 This knife also comes with a lifetime guarantee.



 Quite an expensive purchase.

 Although the product description says it is dishwasher safe most customers advise hand washing only.


2.  Victorinox Swiss Army 6 Inch Fibrox Pro – Best Professional Boning Butcher Knife

This de-boning knife with fibrox handle is ergonomic and prevents slipping during use. The blade length of this knife is 6 inches long, and it is made from ice-tempered high carbon stainless steel, which makes it unyielding and sharp than the average knife that we have tested.



 This knife is perfect for use as a fillet knife as well.

 A 6 Inch flexible blade which is very sharp and strong.

 The Fibrox handle minimizes wrist tension and provides a better grip.

 An extremely sharp and precise knife.

 Considered one of the best professional knives



 A weak grip when used in wet conditions.

 There were some complaints that the blade is too dull to cut certain types of meat and fish.


3.  Global Cromova G-21 – Best Deer Boning Knife

The Global Cromova G-21 is another premium knife that comes close to the Wusthof Classic (reviewed above) regarding functionality and design. This knife has a premium vanadium stainless steel blade of 6 1/4″ length.



 Lightweight and well balanced.

✓ A durable and razor-sharp blade.

 A molded and dimpled stainless steel handle for comfort and a safer grip.

 There is a lifetime warranty against defects and breakage.

 The blade is six and a half inches long.



The blade tends to become dull quite easily.

 Not dishwasher safe.

A bit expensive compared to the Wusthof Classic.

The handle is not very ergonomic.


4.  Wusthof Classic Ikon 5-Inch – Top Quality De-boning Knife

When you desire to spend the least amount of time and effort boning chicken or fish, you need to have the Wusthof knife in your arsenal.

Used by culinary experts and chefs, as well as mums and dads. Made from forged stainless steel that can withstand pressure. The blade is quite narrow which gives it the ability to cut through meat with precision.



A great option for trimming fat and sinews or deboning chicken and ham.

The double bolsters ensure heft and balance for less effort when cutting.

The contoured and triple-riveted handle ensures a comfortable and firm grip.

Rust and corrosion-resistant.



It’s not lightweight.

Designed for deboning, trimming fat and sinews only.

Dulls quite fast.

Hand washable only.[/one_half_last]

5.  Shun DM0743 Classic Gokujo – Finest Boning Fillet Knife

The Shun DM0743 knife is 6 inches with a layered stainless steel blade. The Shun has a Pakkawood handle which gives it an ergonomic and premium look design. It is quite versatile as it can debone and fillet poultry items with ease.



 Made of high quality layered stainless steel.

 Not vulnerable to corrosion and rusting.

 Suitable for filleting and boning jobs.

 It has a D-shaped Pakkawood handle that makes it easy to grip.



Boning with this knife reduces the sharpness of the edges.

This blade is not suitable for performing intensive tasks.[/one_half_last]

6.  Victorinox 6 inch Knife

The Victorinox 6 inch knife with Fibrox handle is one of the top-rated knives with a high-quality blade made from tempered high carbon stainless steel.

The knife is also flexible enough to be used to separate fish and meat with ease and precision without loss of usable meat/fish.



 A thin and flexible blade perfect for separating meat from the bone.

 Very affordable and comfortable handle that makes it easy to use.

✓ The blade edge is quite resilient able to take a good amount of abuse before needing to be sharpened.



It doesn’t come sharp out of the box.[/one_half_last]

7.  Mercer Culinary Genesis 6 Inch Knife – Best for Non-Slip Grip

The first thing you will notice about the Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Inch Forged Flexible Knife is the premium handle.

It is made from an ergonomic Santoprene handle that provides superior comfort for a non-slip grip even with wet hands.



 A tapered ground edge on the blade for stability, easy honing and sharpness.

 Rust and corrosion-resistant.

 The Santoprene handle provides superior comfort and a non-slip grip during usage.

 An exquisite and reliable blade.

 It is NSF certified.



The handle is short.

It wears off easily.

A very broad blade.[/one_half_last]

 8.  Forschner 6 inch Semi Stiff Knife

The Victorinox Forschner Semi Stiff Knife 6″ Semi-Still Knife is made from stamped stainless steel that ensures the blade is sharp and durable.

It is lightweight and quite comfortable to use. Well suited for slicing bone and cartilage as well as slicing around ribs and chops.



 Can cut any meat; cooked or raw.

 Very affordable.

 The stamped blade is razor-sharp comes out of the box.

 It can be used to trim briskets as well.

✓ Lightweight and comfortable.

 Slip Resistant Handle.



It doesn’t come with a cover.

Needs to be sharpened first before use.[/one_half_last]

 9.   J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio 5.5-Inch – Best with a Balanced Handle

The j.a. Henckels is a 5.5 inches knife made of a satin finish and stainless steel blade that is suitable for precise cuts.

It’s triple-riveted, and an ergonomic handle ensures full comfort and control during use.



 High-quality knife.

 Well balanced and ergonomic handle.

 The satin finishes a stainless blade of steel which is perfect for cutting, peeling and slicing.

 A small but sturdy knife that does not bend under pressure.



It’s not a flexible blade.

Uncomfortable and largely shaped knife.[/one_half_last]

  10.  Dexter Russell 6 inch Boning Knife

The Dexter-Russell knife – Sani-Safe Series has a curved 6-inch blade that makes it the perfect knife to use to bonefish.

The handle is a Grip-Tex handle that is textured and suitable for use even in wet conditions.



✓ The blade is curved and flexible making it excellent for fish deboning.

 The Grip-Tex handle ensures a safe grip and is sealed around the blade making it easy to keep clean.

✓ The 6-inch blade is quite strong and sharp.



The blade is pointed and can get damaged quickly if not used well.

Not Stainless steel so it may rust.[/one_half_last] [divider style=’full’]

Buyer’s Guide

Picking the best from thousands of products available in stores is never an easy task. However, there are a few factors to consider before choosing the right one for you;

finest knife for boning to cut meat and bones

Knife Size

Most of these knives have a blade size that ranges from 5 to 6.5 inches. These are the standard ones, but we still have some that are longer than 6.5 inches, but those are rarely used.

Every blade has a certain unique functionality. Narrow blades are well suited for beef and game while wider blades are ideal for chicken and poultry.

Blade Type

We have two types of blades as regards to construction – straight and curve. Curve edges are usually not noticeable for a newbie because they are slightly curved.

Different blade designs also mean different areas that they can be used for. Straight blades can be used for lamb but are not suited to deboning fish; while a curvy blade will work well with deboning fish.

Knife Flexibility

Having a flexible boning knife will save you time and effort.

While flexible blades will cut seamlessly through chicken or across fish fillets, stiff knives will give you a hard time when cutting, and I find to be better for boning larger pieces of meat.

top beef knife for slicing

Knife Handle

Finding the best knife for boning that accommodate your needs also means knowing what kind of handle you want your knife to have.

Some knives have ergonomic handles like the Victorinox knife here which has a Fibrox handle that prevents slipping.

Some come with handles of a more premium nature for a comfortable and secure grip like the Shun Knife which uses a D-shaped Pakkawood.

Whichever knife you decide to choose, the handle will decide how comfortably you will be cutting and how precise the cuts will be.

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What are the Benefits of Using?

professional knife for cutting fish

This types of  knife Used to remove the bones of fish, poultry, game, beef and many other meat types which offers many advantages that you may not be aware of;

Below are some of the amazing benefits of a good knife;   

    Saves you time and Effort

  • The right boning knife for the meat you intend to cut will make the task much easier and faster.
  • The handle provides a comfortable grip and ensures more accurate cutting.
  • The sharpness and shape of the blade ensure precise and easy cutting.


  • Buying meat that is already deboned can be quite expensive.
  • When you have the right tools you can debone meat fast and more efficiently without the added cost.

    Perfect For Steaks and Fillets

  • A boning butcher knife will ensure you have the perfect cuts whether it be steaks, fillets or chicken breasts.
  • knife for deboning cut precise and accurate to give you maximum deboning qualities and a perfect slicing knife for meat or fish.


  • Because you are not hacking away at a piece of meat or fish you have less mess and offcuts and more precise and efficient cutting.
  • You will also save on offcuts as you will be able to utilize every meat pieces or fish without having excess waste.

    Stiff or Flexible Knives

  • You have the option of choosing a stiff knife for boning pork and beef and other thick meats that are easier to use and will not bend when force is applied.
  • A flexible knife is for thinner and more intricate cuts such as for poultry and fishing where you need to cut with more meticulousness.
  • A boning curving knife comes with these two options making it much more versatile.

    Different Blade Lengths

  • deboning knife comes in various lengths and levels of sharpness for piercing and boning.
  • An arched blade is used to cut fish because it maneuvers easily.

As you can see we found many benefits of a boning curved knife.

All in all, it will make boning, meat, fish, poultry, and pork much easier if you use the correct knife for the job, and you will have stunning and clear-cuts of meat.

Final Verdict

As you can see we have only chosen the prime rated and highest reviewed best boning knife to make your choice much easier.

Each of these knives has exceptional features that are unique to their purpose. Depending on the particular use of the knife there is a perfect knife for boning for you after all.






12 responses to “10 Best Boning Knife Reviews in 2024”

  1. Patricia J. Robinson Avatar
    Patricia J. Robinson

    Everyone has conflicting opinions because like clothes, fit matters.

    Handle shape, the height of the finger guard, bolster or not, balance, length, and the shape of the edge (classic European chef knife, Asian, or hybrid). Then you have maintenance aspects like steel hardness, stainless or not, handle material, etc. Plus cost/value.

  2. Ray V. Langley Avatar
    Ray V. Langley

    Forschner was purchased for my wife. She is returning to Philippines and wanted it for filleting fish. Along with some forceps for deboning. The knife seems to be everything, as advertised. It does have the damascus looking blade and is very sharp. It comes well packaged.

    1. Patricia Avatar

      Glad you find our blog post informative!

  3. Rose S. Lujan Avatar
    Rose S. Lujan

    I do Love Shun Knives. They are really great for boning and working with raw meat. Love the handle, and the way it feels in my hand.

  4. Danielle J. Pappas Avatar
    Danielle J. Pappas

    Believe the hype -Mercer Culinary knife makes me feel like a proper professional chef! I’ve tried Ginsu, Victorinox, Wusthof, and Henckels, but this is truly the “Baby Bear knife” where everything is just right. The knife is not too heavy, but it’s also not too light. I really like the Genesis handle vs. the Renaissance handle (I tried both), as it’s much more grippy, but not so much that it feels too grippy. It cuts well, and you can slice things easily. I actually like this knife better than a chef’s knife because it feels more maneuverable. Granton edge means things like sliced potato won’t stick to the knife. Knife is true German steel and easily stays sharp with a little honing. Give it a try; you really won’t be disappointed.

  5. Thaís Dias Oliveira Avatar
    Thaís Dias Oliveira

    The item Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Inch is labeled “Forged” chef’s knife but In Amazon’s the description states “stamped” carbon steel. Can anyone clarify this?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Danilo Alves Cardoso Avatar
    Danilo Alves Cardoso

    Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Inch is drop forged from stainless steel blank, meaning they stamp out the shape, then use a press to add the main bevel before doing the finishing grind. I use this knife at work every day, its great. Takes and holds an edge well. Mercer is certainly WELL worth the money.

  7. Arthur Goncalves Avatar
    Arthur Goncalves

    Has anyone put these knifes in the dishwasher regularly, if so did the knife pit or deteriorate?

  8. Cameron N. McKinneyCameron N. McKinney Avatar
    Cameron N. McKinneyCameron N. McKinney

    Not sure about dishwasher but I often leave knife immersed in soapy water, sometimes overnight. First thing I did with this was cut myself. So used to dull ones I used too much force. Live this knife!!

  9. William R. Williams Avatar
    William R. Williams

    what is the frequency of sharpening, Mercer knives needed for home based use?


  10. Jonah Jones Avatar
    Jonah Jones

    I use my Mercer knives everyday..they really keep their edge but I treat them to a professional sharpening once a year.

  11. Lita Watson Avatar
    Lita Watson

    I bought Shun Classic as is handcrafted in Japan. Then I find it needs to be sharpened quite often. So unsatisfied.

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