Best Carving Knife reviews

5 Best Carving Knife Reviews in 2024

A carving knife also known as a slicing knife or slicer is a knife used to slice meat or poultry into thin uniform slices. There are different options available for carving knives, both electrical and manual that each ensures unique results.

In the end, the best carving knife will slice through meat like a hot knife through butter, resulting in thin and precise slices.

Best Carving Knife in 2024 Comparisons Below-


Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife with Granton Blade
Victorinox5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Wusthof Classic 2-Piece Hollow-Ground Carving Set
Wüsthof4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Black & Decker EK 700 Slice Right Electric Knife
Black + Decker4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

J.A. Henckels International CLASSIC 8″ Carving Knife
J.A. Henckels4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Shun Classic 8-Inch Carving Knife
Shun4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Different Types of Carving Knife Discussed Below-

When considering the carving knife there are general all-purpose carving knives available and then also those that are more specialized;

A Chip Carving Knife

The best chip carving knife will give you creative and smaller cuts such as for creating decorative pieces out of foods such as vegetables, fruit, and meat.

Spoon Carving Knife

This types of knife are used to spoon out small balls from fruit or vegetables (vegetable knife) to create a decorative dish. Spoon carving knife is durable and delivers concise results.

Carving Knife for Turkey

You get a knife that has specialized features for a carving a turkey or other poultry. A carving knife for turkey will be small, flexible and razor sharp giving you thinly sliced meat that will not fall apart.

Cordless Electric Knife

Carving knives available in a manual or electrical option, the cordless electrical knife is just a knife that does not have a cord. The main aspects of the best cordless electrical knife are that it is powerful and precise as well as easier to use.

Our Top 3 Carving Knives Brands:

1.Victorinox Swiss Army 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife

One of the most respected brands in carving is the Victorinox knives are said to be just as powerful and precise as an electrical knife.

With its rounded tip and high carbon stainless steel blade, it stays sharp as well as safe.

2.Wüsthof Classic Carving Knife

One of our favorites for sure, Wusthof classic ikon knife is well balanced, sharp comfortable to use and surprisingly flexible. You will carve through any roast with ease and professional meticulousness.

It is expensive yet worth every penny for the results that you will achieve.

3.Black & Decker EK 700 Slice Right Electric Knife

The Black and Decker EK700 is an electrical knife that will provide much-needed relief in kitchen knives where there are high demands.

This carving knife is easy to handle with its non-slip handle and modern design.

Buying Guide

best carving knife

Face it there is no knife in your kitchen that will get the job done when it comes to carving that perfect roast lamb or turkey?

If you want to make sure that you always have a clean-cut, we highly advise that you invest in a good quality kitchen knife, even if it is just for special occasions.

Here are a few aspects to consider;


Bolster, or area that connects the handle and the blade is there to provide good balance and should be sturdy and of high quality. The bolster is also there to protect your hand and should offer safety features as well as comfort in use.


One of the most important parts of the carving is the blade as this is the functional part where all the action happens.

A blade consists of a butt at the end of the handle, the tip at the top, the spine which is blunt edge running opposite the tip and the sharp edge and lastly the tang which extends into the handle.

Make sure that each part is well constructed and sturdy and that the blade is sharp and of an appropriate size.

Knife Construction

The way in which any knife is constructed says all you need to know about the knife.

Do you want a top quality carving knife?

well then always take the construction method into consideration.

A forged carving knife is formed using steels that are heated and hammered into shape creating a heavier and more durable knife that will bend in time.

Stamped knives are manufactured using a hydraulic press and are thinner, less balanced and less expensive than forged knives.

Why Should You Use This Knife?

     Larger Size

  • Easy to handle with sizes between 20cm and 30cm.
  • The larger size makes them more durable and they are less prone to bending and becoming damaged.
  • The perfect size for big and small hands.

     Rounded Carving Knives for safety and accurate cutting

  • A much safer to use option because of the rounded tip and smoother and non-serrated edge.
  • The rounded tip allows for cutting meat more accurately and easily around the bone.
  • A fluted blade in some carving knives has the great function of preventing the meat from sticking to the knife.

      Pointed Tip that is more versatile

  • the pointed tip is great for cutting roast beef and lamb particularly.
  • Cuts more accurately around the cutting board and is a bit more versatile than a rounded tip.
  • perfect selection for cutting chicken, turkey, beef, pork or even lamb to superior quality.

      Shorter Knife

  • Because it is generally shorter & easier to handle.
  • A shorter knife also allows you to cut thinner slices.

      Good Quality

  • Most carving knives are made to last even with heavy-duty use.
  • The forged carving knife is your best knife choice and is extremely durable and long-lasting.

     Electrical Option

  • For heavy-duty use, the electrical carving knife is more powerful and cuts more evenly.
  • A carving knife is an option when you are in high demand for KitchenAid or if you lack the upper arm strength to cut through a thick piece of meat.
  • Cuts through thick and tough meats with ease.

Ten Best Quality Carving Knife Reviewed In Details Below:

Below you can see according to reviews and ratings what is said to be the top carving knives in a few different high-quality brands;


1. Victorinox Swiss Army 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife with Granton Blade – Best Quality Carving Knife For Brisket

victorinox slicing knife review

The Victorinox Swiss Army is a 12 Inch chopping knife that has a Firbox handle and Granton blade to ensure you the most efficient cutting performance.


  • Versatile enough to slice meat, vegetables, cakes and even sandwiches.
  • Air pockets created by the Granton blade prevents food from sticking to the blade.
  • lifetime warranty to ensure its quality.
  • Some excellent reviews and high ratings.


  • Needs to be sharpened regularly.
  • Loses its edge easily with heavy use.

2. Pure Komachi 2 Series Slicing Knife

pure komachi 2 series slicing knife review

For the easiest and most comfortable cutting and slicing experience, you cannot go wrong with the Pure Komachi 2 with its comfortable ergonomic design and corrosion-resistant, non-stick coating.


  • Only 9 inches for easier cutting.
  • Can cut almost any type of meat such as broil, turkey, and roasts.
  • The corrosion resistant non-stick coating is easy to clean and helps to prevent food from sticking to the blade.
  • An ergonomically contoured lightweight handle makes it easy and comfortable to use.


  • The non-stick coating does not seem to last very long.
  • Sheath in the picture is not included in the package.

3. J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Classic 8-inch Slicing Knife

henckels slicing knife review

The J.A Henckels International slicing knife is made from the finest quality German stainless steel using the forged manufacturing method for durability.


  • An eight-inch easy to use size.
  • JA Henckels slices through poultry, roast, and ham with ease.
  • Made from high carbon German stainless steel using the hot-drop Forged method for exceptional durability and quality.
  • Lifetime limited warranty is included.
  • henckels knives said to be safe for dishwashing.


  • Some people found it better to hand wash only.
  • The full bolster is a bit on the heavy side.
  • the blade is rather on the thin side.

4. Mercer Cutlery Genesis 8-Inch Knife – Best Meat Carving Knife

Mercer Cutlery Genesis 8-Inch Knife review

For carving meat as well as fish there is no better knife that the Mercer Genesis. Safe and comfortable to use for long-lasting durability and quality.



  • Perfect choice for carving both meat and fish.
  • The Santoprene non-slip handle ensures safety and comfortable use.
  • A substantial bolster for improved durability and hand-polished edge.
  • Comes with a lifetime limited warranty


  • A cover is not included in the package.
  • The handle is short and uncomfortable to use.

5. Black & Decker EK 700 Slice Right Electric Knife – Best Electric Carving knife

black and decker electric carving knife review

One of the best electrical carving knife on the market. The Black and Decker EK 700 will ensure a perfect cutting experience every time.



  • Rapid and even sawing through meat, bread, and other foods.
  • The handle is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip.
  • blades are safe to wash in a dishwasher and can be removed after use.
  • There is a safety lock button that prevents the knife from being turned on accidentally when plugged in.
  • blade release button ensures a one button press easy release of the blades.


  • Food gets stuck in between the blades quickly which means you have to remove them to get the food out before carrying on.
  • The blades stop oscillating after a while with heavy use.

6. Wusthof Classic 2-Piece Hollow-Ground Knife Block Set – Perfect Knife For Turkey

wusthof classic 2 piece hollow ground knife set review

Trust the Wusthof Classic for slicing through those roast turkeys and beef with ease. A sturdy and reliable kitchen knife that we recommend for every household.


  • Comes in a set with an 8 Inch knife and 6-inch carving fork that makes slicing ham, turkey and roast much easier.
  • The blade has been forged from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel making it the best quality.
  • Synthetic handles are triple riveted for better strength and balance.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • The Bolster is a bit heavy.

7. ZYLISS Carving Knife with Sheath Cover

zyliss carving knife 7 5 inch stainless steel blade review

The Zyliss knife comes with a sheath cover and has a short 7.5-inch blade and ergonomically designed handle making this a durable and easy to use the knife.



  • High-carbon stainless steel used in the blade stays sharper for longer.
  • The handle has an ergonomic design with a rubber grip for easy handling and more control.
  • A versatile and easy to use carving knife that will help fight hand fatigue with prolonged use.
  • High carbon steel blade retains a super sharp edge for long-lasting use.


  • The blade rusted after being washed.
  • Not dishwasher safe.

8. Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 8-Inch Slicing/Carver Knife

chicago cutlery walnut tradition 8 inch slicing carver knife review

A versatile and durable knife, the Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition is both like a slicing and carving knife.


  • The full tang blade ensures excellent balance and lighter weight.
  • The handle is contoured to an ergonomic shape for more comfortable use.
  • Well balanced with a very sharp and durable blade.
  • Easy to clean and sharpen.


  • Does not stay sharp for very long.
  • A bit on the light side is making it less sturdy.


9. Shun Classic 8-Inch Carving Knife

shun knife review

The Shun Classic is a stunning and sharp knife with a precision forged, high-carbon stainless steel blade. Fantastic quality and durability that is easy to hone.


  • Long-lasting sharp knives blade because of the high-carbon stainless steel and forged manufacturing method.
  • Features a rust-free Damascus look with 16 layers of stainless steel.
  • The lifetime warranty ensures quality and long-lasting durability.
  • Honing is very easy.


  • Does not hold its edge as long as we would like.
  • Gets damaged quite easily.


10. ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Four-Star 8″ Carving Knife

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Four-Star 8 Knife review

With its high-carbon stainless steel, ice-hardened blade you are ensured superior strength and quality in the blade of the Zwilling J.A Henckels.


  • A super-strong ice-hardened
  • Perfect for carving all kinds of meat.
  • The Polypropylene molded handle is sturdy and comfortable to use.8-inch Blade, great for carving meat.
  • It can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • lifetime guarantee included.


  • A bit expensive according to its look and performance levels.


Are you still struggling to find a knife sharp enough to cut those exquisite slices in the Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas roast?

Look no further, we have narrowed down the search for you for that best carving knife for everyday use or even just special occasions.






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