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5 Best Fillet Knife Reviews in 2024

Is it hard getting a durable and perfect fillet knife from thousand of options? Well, there are a plenty of knives available in the market. But, finding the best fillet knife requires some methodical approach.

Some readers may wonder, “Fillet knife! What is that?”

No problem!

You are going to find the answer in here! This discussion will help you in understanding the difference between a general knife and a filleting knife.

Have you ever tried cutting fish with a general knife?

If yes, congratulation! You have already experienced the requirement of buying a sharper and durable knife specialized for filleting. General knives are not appropriate for cutting fish or meat.

A kitchen gets fully decorated when the owner adds a fillet fishing knife. It is a basic utensil in the kitchen. And, this is why you need a perfect one that suits your requirement and the kitchen environment. We are going to guide you throughout these article about different types fillet knives & their uses.

5 Best Fillet Knife Comparison:


Blad e Length


Editor Ratings

Wusthof Classic


Wüsthof  A+

Zwilling J.A. Henckels

7-Inch ZWILLING J.A. Henckels  A+

Morakniv Fishing Comfort


Morakniv  A

American Angler PRO


American Angler  A+

Buck Knives 220 Silver Creek


Buck  A

Now, we can move into the ranking. Here, we represent the best 13 knives for fish filleting.

13 Best Fillet Knife For 2024

Wusthof Classic Fillet Knife: The Perfect One

Wusthof Grand Prix ll 7 Inch

German innovation never disappoints with their innovation! Wusthof Classic fillet knife includes high-end blade and handle. The handle looks traditional and easy to grab. Stainless alloy and perfectly forged carbon blade have lightened the knife.

This easy to carry 12 ounces and 7.1-inch knife are compatible with almost all temperature. It is a must-to-take tool for summer camping as well as ice-fishing.

Wusthof has manufactured the knife for:

• Precise filleting • Maximum deboning • Perfect fish-skinning

Thinking about the sheath? Here’s the deal:

Wusthof knife for filleting includes a high-quality sheath along with the package.


  The knife has a reasonable price

Sharp and perfect finishing of the blade

For deboning, it is the best fillet knife available in the market

Fish skinning is way too convenient with the edgy and pointy fillet knife.


Trout deboning is hazardous

 Requires fillet glove in order to prevent accidents


The most exclusive part of the knife is its balance between price and quality. This lightweight, sharp and pointy fillet knife will be perfect for your next fishing trip. The price is reasonable and affordable.

American Angler Pro Electric Fillet Knife: Forget the Hassle of Slicing

American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Knife Sportsmen's Kit review

The electric fillet knife is made for easing the hassle of boning and filleting. This American Angler Pro knife provides two times more torque than the other available electric knives.

There is no chance of getting tired in filleting. The design is convenient for all sizes of hands. Its replaceable blade gives the freedom to choose any blade to bring perfection in fish skinning.

The knife comes with 8-inch curved blades. The higher torque from the knife enables the blade to cut any type of bone. It has a two-year warranty.


✓ Hassle-free filleting

✓ Better than any other EFK available in the market

✓ Four times lifespan of blade and motor


Replaceable blades are difficult to set with the knife

Price is comparatively high


If your hands get tired while filleting, the American Angler Pro is a good Electric knife. Though the price is high, the quality is outstanding. Usability of blades provides a satisfactory service to while fish skinning or meat deboning.

Bubba Blade Flex Fillet Knife: A Mix of Style and Quality

Bubba Blade 9-Inch Flex Knife review

It is a pure work of style and compatibility. The outstanding flexible blade and the stylish handle has made it a perfect companion for your next trip. This will become an inseparable part of the fishing rod because of its capability of skinning.

The 9 inch Bubba Blade Flex fillet knife is a handy tool for deboning any fish. Its flexible and sharp blade is made of Titanium. The blackish blade gives a sporty look to the knife.

The grip is a combination of synthesized rubber and thermoplastic carbon-coated polymer. It preserves the reputation of Bubba Blade pretty well. It is a two-in-one knife. You can carve and fillet together easily with it.

A complementary sheath is provided with the package. The lanyard hole of the knife adds a benefit of keeping it close while fishing.


✓ Perfect grip

✓ The safety guard is included to avoid an accident from the blade

✓ Affordable price


 Creates difficulty while skinning salmon and steelhead

 The pointy portion is unnecessarily thick


The Bubba Blade 9-inch Flex Fillet Knife is a good choice if you go fishing regularly. Its durability and balance are admirable. It can be a good pick for a long-term use in the field. The sharpness of the blade is maintained perfectly. The stylish grip and sporty look will be really good for ice-fishing.

Global Cromova G-21 Boning Knife: Comfortable Filleting for Professionals

Global Cromova G-21It is a 6.25 inch knife. The actual admiration the knife is received because of the lightweight and sharpness. This amazing fillet knife from Global weighs only 8.5 ounces. The knife is specially created for boning.

While other knives face difficulty in dealing with Salmon and steelhead, Global G-21 works perfectly. The deboning depends upon the size of the blade.

And, the 6.25 inch blade is an ideal measurement for skinning a fish. The blade is flexible but strong enough for securing the durability. It comes with a lifetime warranty from Global, a Japanese cutlery manufacturing company.


Stylish and glossy design

✓ The hollow-type handle gives the best grip for boning

✓ Extremely sharper than the other available fillet or boning knives in the market


 Very expensive

 Not dishwasher safe

 Requires high maintenance

 Needs to be kept in a preconditioned weather. So, not usable for ice fishing.


If you are looking for a high-end, stylish and sharp knife for boning, this one is perfect. Though it will cost you some extra bucks, the quality is stunning. It has a mix of European cutlery and Japanese quality. Good choice if you have enough budget for a fillet knife.

Rapala 4 Fillet Knife: Low Budget Filleting for All

Kershaw Knife With Sheath review

This one is a low budget fillet knife with a soft grip and sharp blade. Its performance has been thoroughly good. Rapala is a well-known brand of cutlery.

The edgy blades are razor sharp.  The whole package includes a single-stage sharpener for the blade. The handle is soft but no-slip. So, you need not worry about an accident.

Also, a black sheath is provided to keep the knife safely and out of reach from children. This fillet knife is good for cold weather. It is dishwasher safe. So, clean it as like as you want.


✓ Low price knife

✓ Comfortable filleting experience

✓ The balance between blade and handle maintained perfectly


 The handle is not durable

 Thuds can create pain after a lengthy filleting


The knife is available at a low price. The quality is satisfactory. The sharpener and sheath are considerably good. This is a good choice for occasional uses in camping, fishing or trips. It can be a good companion for ice-fishing.

Havalon HV127EDGE-BRK Baracuta Knife: Edgy Knife for Ice-Fishing

havalon baracutaIt is the perfect fillet knife for a long-term use. From the design to the compatibility, everything is just proper for boning and skinning.

The package includes additional five blades. Each of them is 5 inches; different in thickness. Change blades quickly through the switch.

Also, the grip is made from military grade materials. Thumb studs are ambidextrous. To keep the knife close, a nylon holster is provided with the package.

Avoid meat loss by 25% with this knife. Also, this is a good trimmer for Salmon and Tuna.


✓ Additional blades increase compatibility and durability

✓ The grip is very firm

✓ Longevity is confirmed

✓ Extra grip on handle improves security


⛔ Price is slightly higher

⛔ Changing and attaching blades can be problematic


Nice one for filleting. The price and quality ratio are perfect. Extra blades give an option for customization for different skinning and boning. The knife is highly recommended if you want to use it while fishing and trimming.

Dexter Wide Fillet Knife: Exclusive Sani-Safe Handle

Dexter Wide Fillet KnifeThe knife is manufactured by Sani-Safe and the pure white handle symbolizes the manufacturer. It is a stylish fillet knife with a broad alloy stainless blade. This American made knife for filleting is certified from NSF.

Every part of the material is hygienic and safe for health. The only thing that matters is the color. Completely white color is not an appropriate choice for ice-fishing.

It may get lost in the snow while filleting. The price is reasonable and quality is fine. According to the user’s feedback and expert opinions, this knife provides overall control while filleting and skinning.

No slip feature is highly maintained for safety reason. Carbon material and DEXSTEEL based stainless eight-inch blade provide the maximum flexibility.


✓ Stylish white design

✓ Price is quite low

✓ Dishwasher safe

✓ Full control for skinning and filleting

✓ No slip


 Fixed and the 8-inch blade is not perfect for Trout

 The handle could be better

 The color variation will be good for ice-fishing


Sani-safe Dexter fillet knife with the 8-inch blade is a good choice for summer fishing. The high-end blade quality and hygienic gripping system provide comfort to the user. Price is at mid-range. Also, certification from NSF proves the compatibility of this top-rated fillet knife.

Mercer Culinary Millennia Knife: Multipurpose KnifeBuck Knives 220 Silver Creek

Another 8-inch fillet knife has been ranked in the top 10. The Mercer Culinary Millennia knife has a nice handle.

The handle is textured with individual finger grips. Its blade is made from high-end Japanese steel. In short, this knife is a safe, secure and heavy duty for a long-term fishing job.

Mercer fillet knife has a limited lifetime warranty. The price is affordable. 8-inch blade is good for skinning big fishes with thick skins. Also, it is easy to remove bones with this wide, one-piece blade.

The knife is also certified by NSF. So, there is no health risk in using the product.


✓ Standard grip for knives for filleting

✓ Thumb stud is comforting

✓ Washing is easy

✓ Santoprene and polypropylene combo has created a convenient position for the knife


 Blade is fixed

Lifetime warranty is limited

No sheath is added to the package


This is a classic style fillet knife. The razor-sharp blade made by Japanese technology is quite special. It requires no additional maintenance. Overall, this one is a good knife for filleting, trimming and skinning.

Shun DM0743 Classic Gokujo Fillet: A Little Touch of Samurai in Filleting and Boning

Shun DM0743This is a 6-inch fillet knife made with Japanese Technology. Japan knows the way of the Samurai sword. The knife is a classic one for filleting purpose.

The curvy portion is flexible for skinning a fish in a short amount of time. Its handle is smooth, slip-free and safe for long-term jobs.

The blade is provided by KAI, one of the most renowned steel manufacturing companies in the world. High-end secured technology has been used to make the knife more user-friendly.

However, the blade is more exclusive than the most other similar classic filleting and boning knives. It has overall 33 layers covering the core part. So, the flexibility of the blade is beyond any question.


✓ Stunning Damascus exterior look

✓ Comfortable for lengthy skinning job

✓ Flexible blade

✓ Safe and healthy for hands




This knife is extremely good for professional filleting. If you need to debone fish every day, Shun Classic fillet knife can be your inseparable companion. Though the price is quite high, the lifetime warranty can solve the issue.

Victorinox Knife for Filleting: Simple and Steady Pick

Victorinox Knife for FilletingWhen you need a knife for a long-term use, this one can be a good choice. Its 7-inch blade is perfect for skinning most of the fishes and animals.

The user can sharpen and use the fixed blade for a long time. This is a daily knife for your kitchen. The ergonomic handle is very convenient even without gloves.

No slip, flexible mechanism has made it risk-free from accidents. Slicing Tuna, Salmon and raw meat were never been so easy! The handle is covered with thumb studs. The knife is able to serve year after year.

Materials used in the fillet knife are approved by NSF. So, there is no hygiene risk from the knife.



✓ Reasonable price

✓ Comfortable handle

✓ Affordable price

✓ Long-term usability



 Straight blade means less flexibility



The quality and price of Victorinox 7-inch fillet knife is well balanced. Pick this one for getting a durable service from the knife.

Wusthof Gourmet Knife

Wusthof Gourmet KnifeThis is another inclusion from Wusthof, the famous German company. Its 7-inches blade is made of high-quality German steel.

The handle has comfortable thumb studs and finger grips. The package comes along with a sheath.


Slim design

✓ Flexible blade makes it a great fillet knife

✓ Handle is hygienic


 Quite expensive


The knife is good for filleting at home. An almost one-foot long knife can be used for deboning large fish.

Victorinox Swiss Army 6 Inch Fibrox Pro Boning Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army 6 Inch Fibrox Pro Boning Knife reviewThe knife is equipped with a thin 6-inch blade for slicing, skinning and boning any kind of raw meat and fish.

Its handle is specially designed for removing wrist tension. This flexible swiss army fillet knife has a lifetime warranty.


✓ NSF approved means hygienic

✓ The handle is perfectly textured

✓ The sharpness of the blade is not satisfactory


 The blade is not flexible enough


Not a good selection for filleting. But it can be kept at home for uncertain conditions.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star Fillet knife

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star 7-Inch High Carbon Stainless-Steel Fillet knife ReviewZwilling J.A. Henckels has brought 7-inch fillet knife. It is a balanced filleting knife for fish and meat.

The blade is made of high-quality carbon and coated properly for making it flexible. It has an exclusive polypropylene handle to provide a stable grip.

This knife comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. So, it’s worth every penny.


Steady handle

✓ Flexible blade for a perfect filleting job

✓ Thumb-Studs

✓ Dishwasher safe for easy maintenance


 More expensive than similar items


A good choice only if you want to spend some money for a better product.

For our recommendations, the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star Fillet Knife is our pick for the best short-blade fillet knife. Its 7-inch blade will give you that extra bit of power and control needed to cut the toughest of meat or clear the most stubborn scales from the fish.

The Shun DM0743 Classic Gokujo Boning and Fillet is another favorite of ours as it comes in 33 layers of stainless steel in a rust-proof design that ensures durability and longevity.

For best quality electric fillet knife, the American Angler Pro Electric Fillet Knife comes with 110 volts of power and 2x torque that will give you a smooth and consistent filleting experience every single time.

Advantages of Using a Filleting Knife

To purchase the best fillet knife, you have to be concerned about its advantages.

The benefits of using the knife are not only important for processing food, but also for the safety while ice fishing, fishing, boning, skinning etc. Here are some more advantageous sides of the knife.

Boning: Remove Meat at Ease

If your regular knife fails to remove the maximum amount of meat from the bone, it is time to bring the fillet knife. It’s thin, flexible and strong blade will help you in removing as much meat as possible from bones.

Also, the blade of a good fillet knife has the ability to go anywhere inside the meat. This is why filleting becomes the most interesting part of a chef’s life.

When the chicken or beef comes unprepared from the butcher’s shop, bring out the knife and start filleting all alone!

Time-saving: Save time Using Fillet Knife

General knives have some limitations in moving inside meat or fish. It consumes a lot of time. The top-rated fillet knife has the ability to move fast causing no damage.

It saves a lot of time. Sometimes, you may need to resize a piece of meat or fish for preparing a delicious dish. Rather than using a general knife, try one that is specialized for filleting. The result will be tremendously good!

Fish filleting: Get the Maximum Meat

Who doesn’t love fishing? And, grilled fish is the tastiest food. But fish skin is quite sticky. Here, you must take the fishing fillet knife along with you.

Skinning of a fish was never been such easy! Just catch a fish and start skinning it with the knife. The taste of your fish will be awesome for a smooth finishing.

Safe: Keep Your Hands Risk-free

Almost all the knives for filleting are occupied with safe grip. The no-slip flexibility feature gives a perfect grip on the handle.

Even if the meat or fish is not soft, there will be no chance of losing the grip and slipping. To prevent accidents, there are thumb studs in some knives. Such safety measure is available only for filleting knives.

Lightweight and Compatible: Work with Comfort

The stainless razor sharpened blade and rubber-coated handles have made the knife compatible with all types of filleting jobs. You can carry it anywhere. In the camping or fishing or ice-fishing, keep this amazing fillet knife for fishing alongside the bag.

Most Useful Kitchen Tool: The Must-to-Have Kitchenware

Fillet knives are not only for filleting meat and fish, but also for any type of vegetable. Its lifelong service from the blade allows you to cut any vegetable, fruit or salad.

The knife is basically an all-in-one kitchen tool. Using it properly will be advantageous for your daily life.

What to Look For When Buying Fillet Knives?

Before purchasing the knife for filleting, it is a must to consider the following factors. Let’s have a look at them.


The foremost consideration is the blade of a knife. Some buyers prefer fixed blade and some buyers like a removable blade. You need to decide the suitable option for yourself.

fillet knife reviews

Blades should be stainless and sharp enough for skinning fishes and cutting meat. Razor sharp blades are the most appropriate for everyday filleting.

There should be a “No-Slipping” feature tagged with the blade of your knife. Titanium is considered as a perfect blade material for a fishing filleting knife.


To avoid any kind of accident, users should get a good grip while using filleting knives. In the market, you will get a lot of options for the handle.

Rubber-coated polymer handles are the best ones. These handles will not slip even if your palm sweats.

You must remember that a fillet knife for fishing should have soft handles. Otherwise, there is a strong possibility of having pain in hands while filleting.


Now, the length of the knife’s blade plays an essential role in a perfect filleting. Depending on how much it will be used, the length of the knife can be 6 inches to 9.5 inches.

Again, your comfort gets the first priority.

You need to decide what will suit your requirement. But, a 7-inch blade is perfect. Also, there has to be a good balance between blade’s length and handle’s length.

electric fillet knife review

 Price and Quality:

While purchasing a fillet knife for the kitchen, you should consider the quality of materials used in the product carefully. As this utensil is used for food processing, every part of the knife should have high quality.

Some people often get deceived after buying low-quality overpriced fillet knives. The price has to be reasonable along with the quality. If quality and price are okay, you can expect a durable knife for the kitchen.


Never forget to check the warranty. Some knives come with the lifetime warranty. There are a lot of sellers who offer a limited warranty or replace warranty for blades.

According to the expert opinions, when you have a chance to get the lifetime warranty, why run for the limited?

Blade replacement warranty is offered by a few sellers. You need to justify the quality of the handle.

These six features of a filleting knife have to meet while purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I need a fillet knife when I can use a common knife?

Well, common knives are not flexible enough for filleting. Sometimes, the blades are so thick that it becomes difficult to remove meat properly from bones. In this case, a specialized fillet knife will be helpful and safe.

Should I use gloves while filleting?

It depends on your comfort. If your hands sweat frequently, you may buy a fillet knife with rubber coated handle and thumb studs. Gloves are good for preventing your hands from odor. But, it’s not mandatory in the case of filleting.

Will I require a chopping board along with the filleting knife?

A chopping board will be more convenient for you to fillet. But it is not a compulsory tool for filleting. You can use the knife without a board too. Also, in outing or camping, carrying a chopping board is quite a hassle.

Why blade’s flexibility is necessary?

Otherwise, it will not be possible to move the knife inside the meat or fish. The flexibility gives the most convenient way for removing flesh from bones. Also, fishbone is spiky. To avoid any unfriendly circumstance, a flexible blade will be essential.

Which one is better? Fixed blade or replaceable blade?

It depends on the warranty of your purchased knife. If it comes with a lifetime warranty, fixed blade is good. On the other hand, limited warranty for a knife has a different scenario. In such case, you should go for a replaceable or removable blade.

Is filleting possible with a carving knife?

Possible, but it is inconvenient and inappropriate. Carving knives are broader than fillet knives. Also, the thickness varies between these two types. The pointy portion of filet knives can go anywhere between the fish or meat. Whereas, the carving knife is used for external purposes only.

How to increase the durability of the blade?

In the case of increasing durability, we recommend following some rules. They are:

  1. Store your knife in cupboards and avoid leather materials for storing.
  2. Forge Use appropriate tools for forging.
  3. Though knife blades are stainless, we recommend keeping it in dry places avoiding moisture.
  4. Use oil on the blade on a regular basis for getting rid of the odor.

What to do when fish skinning is difficult?

It may happen because of extra stickiness or thick skin. There are some homemade ways to prevent slipping. Using flour or baking powder can provide satisfactory results. Before using, fish has to be scratched well

 Is there any other type of filleting knives?

Of course, there is. Along with the advancement of technology, you will get a plenty of variations. There are some battery-powered knives too. Depending on your compatibility and accessibility, choose one from them. For example, lengthy blades are perfect for cutting Salmon. But you will require a small blade for skinning trout or redfish.

What precautions should be taken for using a fillet knife?

As it is a sharp tool, try to avoid any kind of uncertain situation. Keep the knife out of reach from children. Never play with this tool. Keep your first-aid box in the kitchen not only as a precaution for the knife but also for other accidents. Use a cover or sheath.

Let’s Wrap the Discussion…

Finally, the utensil is all about getting comfortable while cooking, fishing, and slicing. A safe use of fillet knife can result in good influence to your daily activities. This is why picking up the best fillet knife from the list is essential.

Look for the exclusive features and find the best one for yourself. Get the best one for your kitchen or fishing trip. Have fun!






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