Guide To Best kitchen knives And Sharpen Them

Kitchen knives are an extremely important investment when it comes to your kitchen and cooking. That’s why you must have the best kitchen knives possible, so you aren’t left with dull and lifeless knives.

You must also have a sharpener for your knives, to prolong the quality of the knives so you aren’t constantly buying new ones!


What is a kitchen knife?

For long days in the kitchen, a knife set is a perfect investment for yourself and your family to save time and overall, money.

A kitchen knife like Japanese Kitchen Knife [» Read Our Full Review About Japanese Kitchen Knife Here «]  is meant to slice through the thinnest and toughest of all ingredients – including cheese, vegetables, and meat.

A good set is extremely important if you work in the kitchen often, and a good set will make it easier (and more fun) to cook wonderful dinners for yourself and your family.

best kitchen knives

Best Kitchen knives with the reviews

By far, the kitchen knives with the best reviews are the Chicago Cutlery Insignia 18-count set. This set has a 4.5-star review average at Kohl’s, and it’s easy to tell why. Reviewers say that the knives are sharp, of a good weight, and stylish for your kitchen!

No more shredding your meat into pieces; instead, these knives slice straight through even the toughest meats and vegetables. This set also comes with a built-in sharpener – an expense that you would normally pay for separately!


If you can’t afford to shell out the money on a truly great set, there are backups that don’t break the bank! The Cuisinart C77SS-17P Artistic Collection 17-piece set is a great choice as a backup. This set has an average of 4.5-star reviews on! The only problem with this set – the knives are extremely sharp! One reviewer cut his finger on the first use, as he didn’t expect the knives to be so sharp! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that this set comes with a built-in sharpener, so that’s an extra expense you’ll have to pay for!


Knife sharpener systems

So if the knife set you have chosen doesn’t come with a built-in sharpener, you’ll be paying a little extra to extend the longevity of your knives by buying a specific knife sharpener system. There’s a great handheld sharpener that you can get from Crate and Barrel – perfect to put on a wedding or birthday registry!

With all 5-star reviews on the Crate and Barrel website, the Wusthof Classic Ikon Handheld Sharpener is a perfect pick! No longer be a slave to your dull knives – give them a longer life with a great sharpener!


Overall, what’s the best kitchen knife?

From my research, it seems the best kitchen knife comes from the Chicago Cutlery Insignia set. Not only can you appreciate the ease and comfort of the knives you work with, but this set comes with a sharpener. Although the set itself is more expensive, buying a sharpener separately can be equally, or more, expensive.

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The best kitchen knives are out there – you just have to find and use them!






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