12 Useful Camping Gear You Must Have

Useful Camping Gear Ideas

You have been running around throughout the day to manage your upcoming backpacking trip, Camping permit has been obtained, Food and drinks are okay, Clothes are packed- Now In all that chaos, have you forgotten something really necessary?

Most of us while planning a backpacking trip does not consider this as a legitimate question and often do this mistake of forgetting things that should have been brought.

12 Useful Camping Gear For Outdoor Adventure:

First Aid: Arguably, The most important camping item and the most forgotten too. In most of the trips, you won’t need a first aid kit. But if you need, You will be very thankful that you have it.

If you planning to make one of your own, Just keep assorted bandages, gauze, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxides and tweezers in a waterproof container box.

Clean Water: Clean water is something you would never want to run out of while lost in the wilderness. Almost every camp has free clean running water but, you have to keep the adverse situation in mind.

Ice: Very useful for storing meat or dairy products. Nothing feels more soul-satisfying than a cold beverage in the hot scorching days of summer trips. So try to store as much as your cooler can hold in your backpacks.

Hatchet: Hatchet is a small single-handed axe used for cutting woods. The heavy, flat back-end can be used as a hammer too.

It’s used obviously for chopping woods, nailing the stakes of your tent in the ground and scaring any animal away.

12 Camping Tips

Garbage Bag: Don’t leave your campsite messy, It is strictly prohibited. And burning you’re garbages in the campsite can damage the beauty of the site.

So keep garbage bags with you for bringing your trash for disposal.

Radio: A radio is pretty much of a life-line if you are in sudden danger or you have to listen to the weather broadcast.

You can enjoy some soulful music while sitting around a campfire.

Bottle Opener: A bottle opener serves the purpose of opening a tightly sealed beverage. Enjoying a cold beverage on a tiring summer day will make you feel your independence.

Flashlight: On a late night trip from your camp to your designated bathroom, A flashlight comes handy. You can’t afford to forget a flashlight as it can be used for even scaring a Bear away.

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Batteries: Extra Batteries are a must to be kept in your backpack. As your flashlight and radio directly depend on it, it can make or break your hope of having a safe and sound camping trip.

Knife and Cutting Board: Packing the cooler to the brim without packing a knife and cutting board is a curse.

You don’t want to chop your food items on a dirty wood log, Right?

Firewood: Pack some solid, dry firewood beforehand. If your campsite is not selling it, you can find any vendor in the village roadsides nearby. Never go camping thinking you can cut trees enough for your fuels.

Bathing suits: Always remember to pack your bathing suits. Almost every camping site has a lake, pond or ocean within a walking distance.

What can be more distressful to take a swim for cooling off in your T-shirt and pants?


These 12 things are more than necessary on your next backpacking trip. Make a list and check before you go. Best of luck.






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