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Ten Ways Using Kitchen Knife Like Pros

The start of a perfectly cooked meal is the being properly sliced into pieces. Proper shape of food items determines its boiling and compatible mixing with other ingredients while mixing. No matter how perfect you are while adding spices or salt in your cooking, imperfection in cutting takes a toll. People who are skilled in using kitchen knives have this advantage and one step ahead in winning people’s heart with their culinary charisma.


Kitchen knife skills are a must to have for self-satisfaction in the kitchen. Skill comes with repeatedly focused work cycles. You can easily achieve kitchen knife skills by knowing what to practice and how to practice.

All you have to do is follow these 10 simple Kitchen Knife tips:

Kitchen Knife Tips


Use The Tip of The Knife:

Most of us use the center of the blade to cut items. It makes cutting delicate stuff, like carrot slices or chicken breasts tougher. Just try to use the tip of the knife. Don’t forget to come back and thank me later.

Curl your fingertips:

Curl your fingertips under your knuckles and then hold the food with them. It gives a better grip while making sure your fingertips not prone to any chance of getting cut.

Wrist-Fulcrum Method:

This method is quite obvious but a bit necessary to practice. Hold the grip at the joining point of the blade and the handle. Then use your wrist as a fulcrum to move the knife up and down. This method is a gem for chopping.

Use “Choke Hold” Method:

Home cooks like we often tend to hold the knife by its handle. But experts say it’s safer hold the grip a bit higher. They call it “Choking Up”. Your hand should straddle your finger guards where the blade of the kitchen knife meets the handle. It gives a better posture for cutting works like chopping, slicing and so on.

While Dicing:

Dicing is a cutting method where no regular shape or size of food items is necessary. Just put 3/4 cubes on the cutting board and continue cutting to make sure you cut as many slices as you can.  

Chiffonade herbs and Greens:

Chiffonade is a cutting method which is used for cutting herbs and greens. Just cut out the roots at first. Then position leaves parallel. Don’t cut vertically, it will cause bruises. Very crucial for garnishing any meal.

Peeling fruits and veg:

Insert the tip of the knife. Then cut the upper joint. After that, peel out the outer part in a circular motion.

Batonnet Apples:

Start by cutting out each end (Topping and Tailing). Then use Wrist-Fulcrum method to cut the food item in regular shape. Then stack them in a regular shape and cut again. The pieces should be larger than 2/3 inches.

Mincing Garlic and Onions:

Garlic and onions are minced mainly. Put the pieces lengthwise and then cut. After that, Rotate the pieces 90 degrees and chop again.

Master Julienning:

Julienning is a bit sophisticated yet worth learning the cutting practice. Put the food item in the cutting board and cut by 1/8 inches (One rivet to another distance), then cut another 1/8 inches after rotating 90 degrees.






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