25 Best Wilderness Backpacking Trips

wilderness backpacking trips

What makes you happy?  The answer will of course vary from one man to another. But happiness is found best at the outdoor.

The modern materialistic world may make us think that spending our wealth for material goods may bring us the smile.

However possessions start to get down after a while and wise choices are those that maximize our experiences and pleasure.


So, head on with us for diving into the experience of ultimate camping and multi-day of kick-ass backpacking trips into the vast wilderness of nature.



Happiness is best found when one starts to engage oneself with the nature’s big wilderness. The wildlife outside of our comfort zone offers us such gorgeous scenery and wild life that getting lost on its adventure can bring the ultimate happiness which no other possessions can.


As it turns out, stepping out of all the worldly worries and responsibilities and setting into the wilderness of the nature can put back the grin into your life.



If you are to set for such a wilderness backpacking trips then you need the nature itself to unravel adventures for you.

The only thing you need to worry about is the fear associated when stepping into the vast wilderness. But then again believing in yourself, is the way to conquer the fear of backpacking in the wilderness.


It is more like discovering newer boundaries of nature each time and pushing oneself a lit bit more to overcome the boundaries.  At the end, overcoming the fear and boundaries one can achieve the ultimate rewarding experience and happiness at its best!



It is impossible to travel in the unknown wild lands without some levels of fear. The case is of course different if you are as brave as the young fearless risk-taking Movie Star, Christopher McCandles starring in ‘into the Wild’. Being out there into the wild land all solo can be scary.


However it is about conquering the fear and allowing the nature to unfold itself.

No doubt about it!!!

When hiking into the woods solo, one is not supposed to worry about the unknown.  Being self-sufficient and staying prepared with basic survival tactics is pretty much enough to venture outside and immerse in what the wilderness has to offer.


As it turns out, wilderness backpacking is a form of self-reliant travel so before stepping out for the quintessential outdoor gear-up with your backpack with a comprehensive wilderness backpacking checklist – what’s more along with your survival knife be sure to pack up your bowie knife and camping knife as well.

Who knows if you ever come up with a huge bear in your wilderness backpacking adventure and the knives might provide you the ultimate survival in the wilderness.



Criss-crossing across the global map of wilderness filled with unexplored terrains and wild-wild backpacking routes we have gathered some very best weeklong backpacking trip destinations.


We know unlike regular tourists, wilderness backpackers seek excitement, thrilling experience and exploring activities and cultures when it comes to deciding the ultimate backpacking trips.



So are we.


Join us on our badass backpacking trips from America’s very best hot spot of wilderness to Thailand and Philippines glamorous expeditions and then hike with our rugged explorers to few extra miles towards the daring Himalaya and then to the Scandinavian wilderness trip at the very—— end of the Earth.


Let us transport you to another time and place where valley narrows and mountain soars high and offer you the best-kept secrets of wilderness.

outdoor survival tips

Here goes our top 25 global destination for your ultimate wilderness backpacking trip –


  • California’s John Muir Wilderness

John Muir Wilderness

With few days off and pair of gears the High Sierra of California encompasses America’s most beautiful trails and long stretches to hike. The alpine climate, magnificent valleys, snow-slathered mountains and the rarely-visited routes entails the John Muir Wilderness.

But that’s just part of the story…backpackers trip to the gorgeous strips of High Sierra is often times twisted when it comes to hiking into the highest and harshest steeply mountainous region.

Good news! The reward ultimately pays off the long-week of struggling across the mountains. It’s true that, the degree of solitude can be experienced at its best on the peaks of the High Sierra.




  1. Quito, Ecuador

Quito EcuadorEcuador know for its Andes Mountains and Inca Trails is the ultimate hiking and trekking destination for the backpackers.

The trips to Ecuador offers scenic views of Wild land Ecuador, llamas, stunning mountains, and volcanoes and then the Quito city itself.

With 8 to 9 days in hand, the backpacking trip to Quito, Ecuador takes the backpackers to a series of climbing and hiking events on the high and low altitudes of the Ecuador ‘s highest mountains while exploring the diversities of flora and fauna.



  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

chaing maiThe mountainous northern part of Thailand comprises hundreds of Buddhist temples, colorful hill tribes and heritage for the backpackers.

Chiang Mai is no doubt a backpacker’s delightful land of misty mountains, antiques, verdant valleys and legendary Kingdoms.

There is so much to do when in Chiang Mai.  Apart from exploring the beautiful ancient city walls, fantastic spas and indulging in the artisanal vibe of shopping the backpacker’s trip to Chiang Mai is sure to stay fueled-up all day and night.




  1. Manila, Philippines

ManilaIf the destination for making the backpacking trip is the Manila city of Philippines then it is all about experiencing the colonial times at its best.

The Spanish Colonial architecture offers the breath taking view while the capital city, Manila holds the view of modern metropolis with Skyscrapers piercing the horizontals of the sky and theaters and jazz clubs delivering the glamorous way of experiencing backpacking trips.




  1. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom PenhCambodian wilderness can be best experienced from the Cambodia’s capital city – Phnom Penh. From temples to the market Phnom Penh is enriched with rich culture and historic sites and indeed makes backpacking trips as exciting as possible.


Backpackers can explore the Cambodia’s Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda and experience the Cambodia’s rich culture while delve in the adventure at its best.



  1. Granada, Nicaragua

Granada spain

Apart from the finest colonial-era architecture, the wildlife of Nicaragua comes with volcanoes, cloud forests, boat tours, and exploring the small islands of monkey troops.

If the boat tours around the Lake Nicaragua does not sound enough then discovering the Blue Mountain Horseback riding while exploring the volcanoes can surely quench the backpacker’s thirst for experiencing the thrilling adventure.

Fair enough? If not then following ones should be!



  1. North Circle Route, Glacier National Park, Montana

Great Smoky Mountains National ParkNorth Circle Route trailing to the rugged wilderness of Glacier National Park provides outstanding hiking and an epic backpacking experience.

The week-long backpacking trips to North Circle Route, Glacier National Park, Montana is a weekly series of hiking, camping and exploring spectacular scenery of Iceberg Lakes and other majestic areas.

Simply stated, the wilderness of Glacier National Park is known to be the wilderness backpacker’s favorite trails destinations.




  1. North Carolina- Great Smoky Mountains National Park


Great Smoky Mountains National Park standing in between North Carolina and Tennessee offers deep wilderness while the endless forests blends into its extended landscape yielding the beautiful scenery of wilderness sanctuary.

Besides its panoramic view the Great Smoky Mountains offers wilderness activities to make the backpacking experience as best as possible.

The bear bagging trips to Great Smoky Mountains usually takes 7 to 8 days and backpackers head out here for the spring break backpacking trips.  The full smoky traverse encompasses epic views of wooded terrains and gorgeous mountainous trails.



  1. North Carolina- Linville Gorge Wilderness And Shining Rock Wilderness


Linville Gorge Wilderness and Shining Rock Wilderness are the longest and challenging backpacking trails in North Carolina.  Hiking 18,483 acres of Shining Rock Wilderness can be extremely rugged most of the terrains are still un-visited.

These parts of the region of North Carolina encompasses lofty peaks and provides the true experience of wilderness when it comes to making the ultimate backpacking trip. The Linville George Wilderness is for those backpackers who are looking for a backcountry experience on the budget and the hikers will truly get the unforgettable hike.

The wilderness does not end here. Here’s why.

Just by hiking another few extra miles will stretch to the Art Loeb Trail which is acknowledged as one of the thirty best hiking spot in North America by the National Geography.


  1. Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Utah


Vermilion Cliffs National Monument situated in Utah, Arizona is known to be the geological wonder and  offers the brilliant cliffs, ‘Honeymoon Trails’  and un-touched acres of plateaus, canyons and diverse landscape of Sand stones and Limestone delivering the colored rock strata.

Arizona is known for its popular backpacking destination and the wilderness is not limited to Vermilion cliff. The wilderness of Arizona stretches from southwestern United State’s dessert terrains to northern Arizona’s deep canyons and mountain ranges.

The trail of Vermillion Cliffs is not easy and backpacking is indeed difficult in the diverse landscape of the monument which makes the region so thrilling and adventurous to the wilderness backpackers.

On the other hand, Reflection Canyon in Glen Canyon located at Vermilion Cliffs area is a special spot offers some unique wilderness experience and photographic opportunities.  Finally, this destination provides the very best thrilling opportunities and the backpackers should make a summer backpacking trip here at least once.



  1. Mount Rainier National Park, Washington


The Mount Rainier National Park situated on Washington are true destination for the backpackers who wish to camp back country.

The glacier trails of Mount Rainier provides scenic views of rain forest and canyons while the volcanic ridges encompassing the descending glacial valleys offers the hiking challenge to the backpackers.



  1. . Pecos Baldy and Truchas Peak. Northern New Mexico


The experience of Climbing, hiking, mountaineering can all together be gained from the Pecos Baldy and Truchas Peak of New Mexico. Truchas Peak being the second highest peak of the United States of New Mexico is as promising and challenging for making the backpacking trips.

The Pecos Badly known to be the 1,248th highest mountain in the United States should no-doubt fall in the backpacker’s hiking bucket-list.


  1. Mountain Peaks, Southern Colarado


The mountain peaks of Southern Colorado are known as America’s hotspot of wilderness and offers premier climbing.


The wilderness of Colorado starts from the Rockies of Durango to Denver consisting of 486 miles of high mountains and vast lakes. It takes enough stamina to hike all the trails of large tree-lines. The best time for the backpacker’s trip is the early fall.


Colorado’s Sangre De Cristo Mountains is a line of peak and the week – long backpacking trips along the 13,000 foot peaks will be as challenging and adventurous as it can be


But wait there’s more.


Colorado’s southern Swatch Range encompasses rocky summit and 15.2 mile route and rocky slopes where backpackers will come across the herds of mountain goats grazing.

The Antero Mountains are known for the aquamarine, topaz and quartz and resents supreme vistas of highest peaks while Colorado’s Ten mile Range and the Continental Divide are known for being popular route having some intimate views of high altitudes, radiant lavenders and wildflowers.


  1. Wild Yukon Peaks, Canada


The wild Yukon peaks of Canada are known to present the backpackers with some jaw-dropping hiking routes and trails encompassing soaring peaks, pristine lakes and forested trails filled with wild grassy hills, birds, moose and beavers.

The remote region with high ridges and lodges provides backpacking loops to get amazed with the incredible views of the vast Yukon peaks.

The backpackers will only need to gear up and don their hiking boots to explore the Yukon’s wilderness filled with jagged peaks to hike and get bewildered with the abundant wildlife and mighty Yukon River along with high mountains dominating the landscape.



  1. Jackson Hole, Wyoming 


Hiking and backpacking at Jackson Hole Wyoming is most thrilling as the region is known for its awesome amenities and adventure features which is absolutely fascinating. Gros Ventre (pronounced Grow-vahnt) and Wyoming rises beside the Jackson Hole and reveals the beauty of picturesque alpine lakes and wild life at its best.


The wilderness backpackers will have the hike of their life along the Bridger-Teton National Forest and Jedidiah Smith Wilderness offering plenty of opportunities for overnight excursions.  No wonder, Jackson Hole is the ultimate backpacker’s wild hot spot with some incredible destinations and hiking areas surrounding it. It starts from Cirque of the Towers highlighting Wind River Range making a 270° ring of peaks.

The serious mountain loving backpacker can immerse themselves in the 9-miles of hiking areas of Sandy Trailhead, stunning Phelps Lake, scenic Leigh Lake, 13-mile roundtrip of Holly Lake to tails end.


  1. Jackson Hole surrounding Wilderness


The Teton Crest Trail is known to be pinnacle of backpacking and has canyons every miles of the trails while the Alaska Basin known for vast and unpredictable is situated there offers routes where it won’t be surprising to come up with black bears and other critters.

Wyoming’s remote and rugged mountain is a treasure destination to make the perfect backpacking trip. If you cannot make your backpacking trip to the Teton Crest Trails and you are heading at the Shadow Mountain then worry not.

For Shadow Mountain located on the Grand Teton National Park also provides some outstanding Teton views to immerse in.



  1. Tucson, Arizona Southwest America


The finest hikes and trails in Tucson offer the prime backpacking opportunities along the sky-island Mountains and desert to rocky, hilly terrain. Southern Arizona encompasses wide trails that challenge hikers and backpackers can have some serious outdoor play.

The King Canyon presents longer trails of dramatic views and native plants while the Catalina State Park is filled with 5,500-acre of ascending mountains, hidden pools of water.


Best of all to be more fascinated the backpackers will need to flock to the Chiricahua National Monument where a massive volcanic event took place almost twenty seven million years ago leaving rhyolite rocks sculpting the landscape.



  1. Adirondacks’ High Peaks Region


High Peaks Region of the Adirondacks is home to most stunning Forty-six peaks covering 204000 acres of densest backcountry.

Hiking the rocky alpine summits of each peak will take almost 6 to 7 hours for any experienced hikers.

Dix Mountain’s Beckhorn and Allen Mountain offers panoramic summits and peaks which are really hard to beat but it’s a hike worth the challenge.



  1. Hanoi & Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam


From the Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, Vietnam is known for its beautiful landscapes and wild hiking trails offering the backpackers a journey of self-discovery.


The wilderness combined with thrilling backpacking adventure along with exploring the Southeast Asian part of the world is experienced at its best in Vietnam.


Vietnam is the perfect destination for those backpackers who are seeking for the 3 or 2 –weeks of backpacking trips and the thrill and excitement of backpacking trip starts from the Asia’s favorite city, Hanoi situated in the Vietnam.

The small streets of the Hanoi city brings the backpacker’s adrenaline rush to explore the Vietnam’s war-torn past while the oldest temples of the city takes one to explore into the legendary emperor’s handcrafted architecture.

If that’s not enough for the wilderness backpackers then conquering the highest Vietnams peaks are sure to meet the criteria. Riding and blazing through the mountainous roads and visiting the mountainous town, Dalat can surely make the trip worthwhile.


As said before Vietnam known for its beautiful landscape and wilderness is packed with adventurous cities.


From the Southeast high peaks of the mountain to the central capital city, Vietnam’s Saigon Ho Chi Minh is known to the best living place for the backpackers trip.

Ho Chi Minh is the place to experience the deeper mysteries of wilderness by rowing boats amidst deeper in inhabited canals while time to time wild tribal will make surprising visits to make the wilderness backpacking trip as thrilling and exciting as possible.


  1. Vientiane, Lao People’s Democratic Republic


Vientiane the capital of the Laos is known to be the young backpacker’s central town offering thrilling adventurous escape and true wilderness.

The Lao People’s Democratic Republic comprises mountainous terrains, Buddhist monasteries, French Colonial architecture sleepiest city to explore and delve into the wilderness.

Vientiane set on the banks of the mighty Mekong River creates the stunning geographical feature of untouched wild beauty of the nature itself.

With less explored and in inhabited terrains and jungles and remote delta lowlands of the Mekong River and plenty more, Vientiane has a lifetime of wilderness experiences to offer to the backpackers.


  1. . Himalaya


Himalaya, the world’s second highest mountain roars with soaring mountains and twenty epic trails stretching from Mount Kailash.

Himalaya known for carrying the world’s loftiest range is the destination for those backpacker’s who loves tough challenge and a physically demanding endeavors.

The real wilderness starts from the Base of Machapuchare while Limi Valley offers the real remote trekking experience.

Backpackers can enjoy camping in the pristine wilderness starting from Makalu and stretching to Mount Everest.


To explore the Great Himalaya trails and for mountaineering expeditions there are base camps every miles and trekkers can camp in the Everest Base Camp or for a remote experience the Kanchenjunga Base Camp is worth the effort.

All together Nepal and Himalayas provides a lasting impact in the mind of the backpackers and trekking along the highest mountains in the Earth is a life-changing experience.



  1. Arusha, United Republic of Tanzania


Arusha in the north eastern Tanzania is not only known for being the gateway to safari destination but also known for being home to Africa’s highest peak and wildlife of lions, rhinoceros and wild beasts crossing the plain.

Arusha offers exclusive wilderness trails of vibrant wildlife and rainforest towering Eucalyptus and wild monkeys.

Lake Duluti walk – Arusha is an adventurous way to explore Tanzania’s wilderness while Manyara is the hiking destination to enjoy the beauty and wilderness of dense ground water forest, forest animals, birds and mammals.



  1. Northern New Zealand’s Volcanic Island


New Zealand is an extraordinary place that comes with wilderness of deep forests, stunning wildlife, active volcanoes, virgin rain forests and emerald lakes.

Wilderness in New Zealand is pretty challenging to navigate But this doesn’t deter people from backpacking there.

The country is the absolute Best Budget trip destination for wilderness backpackers.

In the northern part of New Zealand, rivers are powerful with currents and fierce mountain torrents and backpackers will encounter mighty volcanic ranges and thermal landscape.

Volcanic and mountainous islands dominate the northern part of the New Zealand and stretches from Indonesia to Hawaii offering hidden dangers and thrilling adventures to the backpackers.


In this part of the world, spring break backpacking trip is entirely worth the effort so start your early-season backpacking with adequate skills and backpacking essentials.



  1. Wilderness – Scandinavia


The Nordic wilderness starts from the northern mountains to the southern sandy beaches and offers the true wilderness of Europe.

The backpackers can begin their trip from the Swedish country of Dalama and stop for the wild camping at the lakes of Kvarnsjö situated on the pinnacle of the mountain, Kåbdalis while hike at the Narvik Mountains to explore stunning wild coasts of Norway and rock carvings on western side of Reintind.


And we don’t stop there. The Scandinavian mountains have a multitude of adventures to offer the backpackers.

Heading north of the Arctic Circle, backpackers will encounter hillier Sweden, forested wilderness at Oslo at the Stockholm while Norway is mostly wilderness with High alpine mountains and high plateaus and moorland.



  1. Southern Peru’s Machu Picchu


Set high in the Andes Mountains in Peru, Machu Picchu is surrounded by lush vegetation and steep escarpments.

Peru’s ancient Inca city, Machu Picchu is a dream for many backpackers. Trek along the diverse wilderness of the Machu Picchu and plan your backpacking trip of relaxed excursions to vigorous hiking.

Traveling to the Incan capital of Cusco consisting of overlapping trails, lush forests and exotic birds is one of a wilderness backpacking experience.


As the saying goes- life is a journey. Wilderness backpacking trips opens ups life-changing arrays of lessons and pinnacle of happiness.

Whether it is the remote Iceland, Africa’s wildlife, Alpine’s solitude or making the life-altering hikes at US and exploring the New Zealand’s adventure, wilderness backpacking trips offers the opportunity to re-discover oneself in a complete new way.






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