Day Trip Packing List

Essential Day Trip Packing List

This is a list of the key items of equipment you should have with you every time you go into the wild for a day trip. Of course, you can take more with you but this minimum day trip packing list will be enough to keep you safe.


Essential Day Trip Packing List


Travel packing list1. Map and compass

A GPS is optional and a good idea if you have it but make sure that you have a traditional compass as back up and that all members of the party know how to use it.… Read the rest

Go to the wild – Plan your Trip with these Amazing Tips

Tips for your Wild Trip

It does not matter how long you are going to be spending in the wild, you need to make sure that you are prepared. Even a 2-hour walk can turn into a dangerous situation if you are caught in bad weather with the wrong equipment or if you get lost or someone gets hurt.

Go to the wild by planning your trip properly that helps to minimize the problems that you will face and will help you to deal with them more efficiently if they do arise.… Read the rest

Water and Food Tips When Camping

Tips When Camping

Are you planning on camping?

Do you know the two most important things you need to know about when you go camping? Well, don’t worry if you don’t know about them. The two important things water and food tips when camping are given below:



The human body needs sufficient water more than almost anything else. Our bodies are made of up to 70% water and, if we become dehydrated our bodies stop working efficiently.… Read the rest