Your Ultimate Kitchen Knife Safety Tips For Kids

baby in kitchen

A kitchen knife is no wonder one of the most useful kitchen tools and is an essential item for our day to day cooking purposes. Nevertheless, a slight carelessness while handling the knife can lead to a dangerous accident.

This is why it is very important to learn the proper way of handling a knife and stay aware of its dangerous consequences.… Read the rest

13 Lazy Man’s Guide To use a knife – It’s All about the Versatility

Often times we forget to include one particular item in our essential check-list of household supplies. It is an all-purpose knife which is very essential when viewed from the essential kitchen tools and security check lists’ perspective.

Moreover, even if it is your ultimate travel packing checklist or your essential survival item’s checklist do not forget to include this ultimate piece of utility tool aka an all-purpose knife.… Read the rest

8 Great Tips For Buying A Good Knife

Everyone wants to use good knives. Therefore, it’s important to go for knives that are easy to handle, strong, durable and; we will talk about a few things that should be kept in mind when buying knives.


Types of knife

Before you buy a knife, make sure you decide on the type of knife you need. Based on your cooking habits and styles you can choose one knife.… Read the rest

Guide To Best kitchen knives And Sharpen Them

Kitchen knives are an extremely important investment when it comes to your kitchen and cooking. That’s why you must have the best kitchen knives possible, so you aren’t left with dull and lifeless knives.

You must also have a sharpener for your knives, to prolong the quality of the knives so you aren’t constantly buying new ones!


What is a kitchen knife?

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Two Simplest Way to Sharpen a Fillet Knife

How to Sharpen a Fillet Knife

You’ve caught a beautiful fish that will make a perfect meal. After gutting the fish, you must cleanly remove the flesh from the head, bones, and skin.

The tool for this task is a fillet knife. A fillet knife has a blade that is about seven inches long or about 18 cm. Its thin tapering blade is very flexible and ideal for separating the fillet or meat from the bones and skin.… Read the rest

What is The difference between Normal Knife Vs Fillet Knife?

What is fillet knife

What is a fillet knife?

Knives are some of the most valued possessions in our homes. They help us with everyday cuttings. Regular knives are more common than fillet knives. A non-chef may not understand the difference between various types of knives, but it is necessary to know them.

There are lots of amazing knives designed for different purposes, and fillet knives are some of my favorite types because I’m a fisherman and I use them almost every day.… Read the rest