South Carolina Knife Laws

South Carolina Knife LawsSouth Carolina is very relaxing to its knife laws whether it is about owning or carrying knives. Most other States do have limitations for carrying concealed knives especially the dangerous ones but this State is kind of the opposite here.

To know more all about these, this article will help you a lot.


Knife Possession Laws

There is no restriction to own any knife in the private residences and also to carry openly anywhere except for the restricted places.… Read the rest

Pennsylvania Knife Laws

Pennsylvania Knife LawsPennsylvania has some knives completely banned which means you cannot own those knives or even carry. Knife open carry laws are strict here too and for this, concealment is not the main factor here.

It was mentioned in the Pennsylvania statute that, any citizen of this State has the right to bear arms in case of self-defense and for the sake of the State.… Read the rest

Oregon Knife Laws

Oregon Knife LawsAccording to the Oregon knife laws, there is no banned knife which cannot be owned or possessed. But there is a restriction when some particular knives are carried concealed. On the other side, you can carry any legal knife openly anywhere except for the restricted places unless you are intended to make any harm to anyone.

Knife Possession Laws

According to the knife laws in Oregon, you can own any knife in your private residence or property or home unless you are not a convict and this wouldn’t be count as illegal.… Read the rest

Oklahoma Knife Laws

Oklahoma Knife LawsKnife carrying laws both openly or concealed is very strict(see also new york knife law) in Oklahoma but knife owning laws are very relaxed here.

There is no restriction for owning, possessing or selling any knives but you need to be aware of the knives you are carrying out there.


Knife Possession Laws in Oklahoma

There is no limitation or prohibition to own or possess, buy, sell, manufacture any knives with any blade lengths anywhere except for the restricted places like schools, government places or public gatherings etc.… Read the rest

Ohio Knife Laws

Ohio Knife LawsKnife Laws in Ohio are descriptive pretty much but easy to catch. Ohio’s knife ownership law is not that strict but bearing or carrying knife law especially in a concealed way is offensive and you need to have the clear ideas about those laws.

We are here to help you provide the best explanations of the statutes.


Knife Possession Laws

There is no restriction to own or possess any knife in Ohio.… Read the rest

North Carolina Knife Laws

north Carolina knife lawsNorth Carolina has got strict knife laws like New York for both carrying and owning them.

There are prohibitions for minors too and other restrictions are explained broadly in the statutes of the laws.




Knives Possession Laws in North Carolina

Possessing, selling, manufacturing, transporting, delivering or loaning any ballistic knives or any knives that are spring-loaded projectile or similar to those are unlawful or illegal in North Carolina.… Read the rest

New Hampshire Knife Laws

New Hampshire Knife LawsNew Hampshire Knife Laws are now the clearest and the friendliest from its updated & final version of 2010’s laws.

We are going to discuss the knife laws in this whole article. Hope this article might help you forget the confusions.


What was the Old Law?

According to the New Hampshire, stilettos, switch knives, daggers and dirk knives were illegal before the law was updated.… Read the rest